possibly i should do a thing that is not just making cat sounds. but it's fun to do this!

i'm a bit anxious about nothing and it's cold and i think i'll curl up in a small ball and just say cat sounds all night. miau!

Anyway, I'm just a cat walking on an input tool, I don't know grammar and stuff! And now I'm going to go catnap a bit, it's almost 2am... 🐱💤

(I'm trying to say "I can't say cat sounds if I'm writing in Anglais, so I'll do it this way" but it's possibly all wrong)

miaŭ! 🐈

(mi malpovas diri katajn bruojn kiam mi skribas la anglan, do mi uzos ĉi tiun lingvon por tio.)

Oh, I also want to talk about what I was doing in many of my own hours! I was studying a conlang, a notably old and popular auxlang which has that fifth glyph as its first initial (and in its fourth spot too). I don't think I could say much in it on this instantiation, not without a lot of additional practicing, but I might try anyway in a bit. I should also find a hashtag if I'm going to do that - might work.

Hi again! I'm so happy oulipo is back and I can log in now!
In this last month I got a job! I am a library assistant, so mostly I put books away, and switch out book drop bins and such. I am liking it a lot. I had a thought that this is my first actual job, but it isn't - jobs in shops do count - but I do want to stay at this job and I didn't want to at any of my prior jobs.

just a rant 

I think this avatar is not as boring as what I had until now. (That was also drawn in krita many months ago.)

Doodling in is surprisingly fun although I'm a noob and not an artist at all - built-in brush options do cool things and this dynamic brush tool draws smooth curvy trails. I'm using a trackball, not a good input tool for art, but you wouldn't know it from looking at stuff I'm drawing.

I did my first patch for anything a day ago. A small thing, just a wording fix for an IRC bot, but I'm proud of it anyway. I normally submit bugs I find, but didn't fix anything on my own until now.

I saw a lot of good instantiations I didn't join but this looks so much fun that I had to. With this constraint, I might paradoxically find it not as hard to toot. A distraction from my usual difficulty with wording, and obvious why if it's odd.

Oulipo.social (Mark II)

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Ambigram by B. Morin, CC BY-SA 4.0