what if i took an hour to port my old IF story to oulipoan

(it's short, only 5 or so paragraphs)

hmm hmm. might do that

i can't post a photo of my rug day, i own two mats (door, bath) but no rugs

(actually though... if it was a physical possibility i would totally nap for months right now

as that song says, stop my nap on first day of Oct.)

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moving all my things to cold room and staying until sun stops

mayhaps i'll do a months-long nap

*stomping around and banging pans* sun! fight! sun! fight!

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hi hiya howdy, i'm back with this following psa:

too warm.. too much sun 😤🥊☀

a computational graph's gloss of DOG TRANSPORT 

DOG TRANSPORT: a combination of a wagon or oarsal for transporting points

a computational graph's gloss of TOPPING 

TOPPING: a pounding of an aircraft

(THROWS UP HIS HANDS) O, this is too monotonous! Nothing.

was writing a thing for a job, and just now noticing that i was trying to word this bit so it's oulipan

hard to turn off such habits

at ivy at oulipo dot social: Nothing Posts At All Hours

turns out i know not that many cars for car puns

additional info allowing all 25 chars: 

that gaming miscommunication of bigby's "glass him"

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a half-sad, half-glad gaff:

a sad lad asks a shad lad -- a flash -- shad lad glassd sad lad, sad lad's ass had a fall

(ask, "glass" as "has a glass"? ahhh haha, "glass" as "dash a glass")

jk, all-glad gaff

thoughts on taking a call without standing up from my nap? my cat is on top and cat's claws say No Moving

I'm sorry but I can't do this for you on account of I don't wanna

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