a computational graph's gloss of CARDSHALL 

i was going to boost my fav posts of old-ivy, but so much of that is amusing my brain tonight, i would just boost it all

so uh i'll just not.... and you can go look at old-posting if you want?


ivy: *follows a bunch of bots*

also ivy: o! i cannot find aught but bots!

is this 'cholalia? it just sticks in my brain and it's fun to say, idk what a word for that is

all caps 

think of, if you will, ivy hurrying down a hallway, flailing xyr body around in imitation of that viral animation "too slow for work"

this is canonical truth

"soft day!" is a good way to say hi actually

i am always aspiring to soft days

look on my works, o mighty, and this 🐻

this morning
and sunlight
moonlit night
this morning

I start at my own shadow, and am full of all sorts of

a computational graph's gloss of MONOID 

what you can do with this work. Copyright laws in most

thrown out of my job for kindly and graciously ouliping all our scripts

so what if it was producing syntax warnings, that's just a cost of oulipan simplicity

pack my box with zilch liquor jugs.. don't visit any foul jugs upon us

@ivy ahhh cat ahhhhh ivy why such a rush and such a 2nd rush

oh no my cat has lots of zooms this morning

sofas and socks should watch out

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