my two-cat, two-human family is now a solo cat and two humans. loving our sick cat was a lot of work, a LOT of work, and still it sucks

good old Sony DVD-VCR combo, saving our bacon again

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first hit that two-bars button, and only at that point can you hit fast forward and it will go slowly

though 'mad all days and nights now' is my motto for an olympiad or two so far

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touchy about might/brawn constructions vis a vis cops now, too, what with that stupid top cop advising in UK, 'girls just gotta know what a lawful / licit cop stop is or a cop will just kill again, too bad' -- what? no?? in what world is this not obvious victim blaming??? mad all days and nights now

probably says nothing good about this fool that all it took to find and start a book was a human going "gosh, is that sarah j. maas 'court of thorns and [blooms]' book basically just fairy porn?"

"SOLD," i said aloud and ran to find it

canon nikon sony fujifilm olympus panasonic minolta mamiya contax polaroid kodak ilford lomography all at my disposal and still i can't shoot a pic -- why? 'cuz i'm at work! oulipo compatibility can't fix that, now, can it

a. king's animals
b. animals in jars
c. animals you can hang out with
d. suckling pigs
f. stray dogs
g. animals in this classification
h. shaky animals (possibly mad)
i. animals too small to count
j. animals of paint & tiny brushwork
k. &c
l. animals who just put into sharp bits my fancy bloom-display urn
m. animals who, from afar, look bug-ish

don't toot "horny at work again, ugh"
don't toot "horny at work again, ugh"
don't toot "horny at work again, ugh"
don't toot "horny at work again, ugh"
don't toot "horny at work again, ugh"
don't toot "horny at work again, ugh"
don't toot "horny at work again, ugh"
wait, oops

i am now flinging into trash any and all half-thought-out plans of moving to Washington -- skipping straight to Scotland. or mayhap an arctic island

i was away, running a library for blind humans for almost four months, through lots of changing notions and conditions. no brain with which to toot, i'm afraid, but now i can try again

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back at my spot in soundproof folks' library; folks asking again and again 'can i fuck that toy horn-for-making-sounds-loud?' buddy,

first visit back to my work spot in 5 months -- aaaaaaaaaa

alla yous Noo Yawkuhs, your library is shutting down tonight -- gitcha books now or wait until April!

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has NASA found soup on Mars y&? what about Catboys

just saw an old, old column by a guy, Woody Waga, about captioning during a thing -- can't mind his discussion points, too busy making fun of his nom.

("Do you Waga your Woody at us, sir?"
"I do Waga my Woody, sir."
"Do you Waga your Woody at us, sir?")

jamspank boosts
jamspank boosts

it is okay to post a link on oulipo that got a fifth-glyph in it! BUT if you think hiding that glyph is what you want to do, you can go to for making a good glyph shortlink.

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