first visit back to my work spot in 5 months -- aaaaaaaaaa

alla yous Noo Yawkuhs, your library is shutting down tonight -- gitcha books now or wait until April!

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has NASA found soup on Mars y&? what about Catboys

just saw an old, old column by a guy, Woody Waga, about captioning during a thing -- can't mind his discussion points, too busy making fun of his nom.

("Do you Waga your Woody at us, sir?"
"I do Waga my Woody, sir."
"Do you Waga your Woody at us, sir?")

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jamspank boosts

it is okay to post a link on oulipo that got a fifth-glyph in it! BUT if you think hiding that glyph is what you want to do, you can go to for making a good glyph shortlink.

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smashing out linguistics shitposts on main past midnight

raining, occasionally drastically, in SF; am now a Moist Jimbo

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look on my works, you mighty, and do a sad

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hoping for good dispatch from UK voting today. hoping for wisdom and big changings but am ok with just, you know, sanity

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I am no pig sandwich and I do not commonly call on fools.

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@kit all of us got our own 2003 suburu outback to confront.

dunno why oulipo won't go past six days back but for all days post-Thursday, i am caught up. good bits, all! good work whilst i was away!

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My nam is Rick
I'm running blad
put on my stylish

Ash fills our air
but I'm not stuck:
I tour L.A.
in cybotruck

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[slaps roof of cybotruck] this bad boy can fit so much angular brutalism in it

i will say this frankly: i probably won't toot whilst i am away. just know that i will catch up upon coming back and will think of all of you if i run across a climbing wall, an amazing scruffy pup, a quantity of hummus, and/or a 2003 Subaru Outback with blood sigils on it

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