hoping for good dispatch from UK voting today. hoping for wisdom and big changings but am ok with just, you know, sanity

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I am no pig sandwich and I do not commonly call on fools.

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@kit all of us got our own 2003 suburu outback to confront.

dunno why oulipo won't go past six days back but for all days post-Thursday, i am caught up. good bits, all! good work whilst i was away!

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My nam is Rick
I'm running blad
put on my stylish

Ash fills our air
but I'm not stuck:
I tour L.A.
in cybotruck

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[slaps roof of cybotruck] this bad boy can fit so much angular brutalism in it

i will say this frankly: i probably won't toot whilst i am away. just know that i will catch up upon coming back and will think of all of you if i run across a climbing wall, an amazing scruffy pup, a quantity of hummus, and/or a 2003 Subaru Outback with blood sigils on it

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@kit all my toots: shot into a big barn i don't own

Food $200
Data $150
Housing $800
Toot-Ammunition $3,600
Utility $150
anybody who is good at financial planning, could you aid my cash disbursal analysis? my family is dying

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If furiously smashing patriarchy isn't an option, you can still go with tacitly disapproving of patriarchy

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stars around this fair moon

hiding luminous forms, dim,

against a full moon's light, falling on all

[...] a shining gray

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sorry, I'm too gay to work
I am distraught from longing for a girl

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You may dismiss it but
just trust my faith on
this: humans in
a far distant day
will think of us.

i think on old TV shows actors would do various parts 'cuz it was difficult to distinguish who was who on old, tiny TVs. plus, no syndication, so not common to watch old programs again and again -- thus actual annums 'twixt an actor's first part and coming on again as sombody not known in shows past

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