popular irish lyrics such as "whack fol my daddy-o" and "whack fol al di rah"

as i was goin' o'r
th' cork and karry mountains
i ran into captain farro
musha rang famadudididoa
whack fol my daddy-o
whack fol my daddy-o
that's whisky in my jar-o

i don't know who must hark this, but: you can buy a two pound jar of garlic

you can tuna piano but you can't tuna fish

oopsy whoopsy did a grilling with sun up

i think it's hot-months now

always oulipo hummus 

(? or torturous play on words? nobody knows)

got official word from town (via sms) that today is NOT a trash holiday

soy stuff 

but i got to watch "What Is That Soy Stuff?"

but so many films with "R" rating, so didn't do any actual sci-fi watching 🤷

this was tot's third sci-fi marathon and what a champ tot was

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