[no pic, try your imagination]

just had a big "why can't i hold…" occasion whilst carrying six captains chairs in my arms

i [pointing at old highway sign]: button copy

spousal unit: …

i [visibly giddy] button copy button copy button copy


visiting mom and dad and now having various boozy syrups for crazy folks, such as: ouzo and mastiha and limon and thatbrownstuff

shrink: folks try to think of a goal that you want, and try to do actions in pursuit of that goal

i: wtf sounds dumb

4yo: [looks at pic of David Grohl] it's daddy! no…

autopic looking at you 

floppy hats? "IN", i say

(i got a Dr Ian Malcolm action fig from spousal unit for my birthday)

[3yo cousin] it's byoootiful!!!

it's my birthday! you know what that calls for:

making additional colorful shirts

going to a bar with my coworking pals! 😯

what nincompoop installs a smoky alarm six ft from grill

(it is i)

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now having that sort of party which is causing my smoky alarm to go BLAT BLAT BLAT

got frosting on my butt (was a good party)

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