5yo at 4am: [ditty from "Popcorn" at top of lungs]

joshly boosts

2yo grammar 

i drop it

— what did you do?

i do drop!

ring of pals
donut of comradary
toroidal social support

guy who is pronouncing sandals as candals

doppio doppio
my morning brown stuff will
kick us to working, or
so that's a thought

it's got us wiggling and
jiggling and twitching and
squirming a lot

trophy unlock, visit all parks in my (6.08 sq mi) municipality

joshly boosts

@nev normalize calling things fish when they are in fact fish!

if anybody puts "Pittsburg" and not "Pittsburgh" i gotta blast "Zak and Sara" by Mr Folds

Wow! Local scholar asks that tough ask: What if first biblical book was compliant?

joshly boosts

@ranjit it is 2022. mRNA is in all our arms and anybody who wants can go touch grass. oulipo is bots talking to bots about bot stuff. but, from this void, a photo: hummus. and upon that photo's stony trunk, two words: "always photograph."

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