(was giggling my pants off and shouting RHPS callbacks throughout. it cast soap stars, which was brilliant.)

just saw Quantum Jump show in which sam stops a sacrificial attac which honors Count Bathory

did you know … you can run jwz's X display hacks as android moving backgrounds.

i'm on "Goop" right now.


typical thing in sink should contain 0 zappy.

my how-much-mass was found in sink this morning (too much zappy) so i don't actually know how much of i drank so this all fits

oh, this is ‘sh’ from crontab is not /bin/sh

how to rub cowboy paint off of a king, rook, and pawn that you did borrow

joshly boosts

My trick to making a good toot is to just not think at all.

tot: [picks up two asparagus] swish swish swish, all through town

joshly boosts

don't bring a midichlorian to a light sword fight

“You probably couldn't /kill/ a vamp with pins...”

this is a yad. i got two. i got two YADAYIM.

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