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oho, PDQ Bach built a "tuba mirum", i think its "wow" is that it's full of vino (and not honks).

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joshly boosts


got a good apron on whilst filling up a crock pot

joshly boosts

going to hark a shofar and look at moon

studyin’ about that good old way and who shall don that starry crown good lord

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going to toss old hot dog buns i found in my cold box into flowing soup (and it's valid, too — McLaughlin Run) as a symbolic casting away sins but also to simply go to a spot with folk (but far apart)

hi, port authority? hi, it's josh. again. mmhrm. you know that sign afront your bus about masks? if you just modify 1 word you could — right, it could say MASK ON PRIOR TO BOARDING — 'lo? ahoy? ugh, crappy radio visibility in south hills … i'll just switch to mailing postcards

it's totally dark but for various lights and you can about count how many photons this cam saw

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wow, "night sight" on this 4a is … a lot (can also do a normal-looking pic, but why)

🐬 s c v x ffl
t h m b z
a r f g fi
o d w k fl
i l y q ff
n u p j ffi

joshly boosts

oops! probably too much flour and milk but you can't fuck this up anyway

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1 pound pasta
4 T milk churn stuff
4 T flour
3 cups gouda or mozz or such
3 cups milk

put in a pot until it's good

hanging out at this ✌️park✌️ (ok, it's an anonymous, triangular, grassy spot) for drinking thatbrownstuff and sitting in cool autumn sun

"i am suspicious of anybody who had anything to do with what is in this tub of toast-topping"

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