Patton Oswalt and Sarah Hyland in Hulu's Twilight 404

it's a "noon grilling" holiday in USA, out of 3 such annually

bought burrito a floral nogginband with which to adorn

i, to pal who's always going on about nordic stuff: yo is Valhalla a good spot or a bad spot

pal: pull up a chair and i shall sing to you songs of my folks!

i (to crowd): i just want to talk about a good spot or bad spot. sigh, i'll just say that: "good spot" / "bad spot"

joshly boosts

finally coming to grasp that 3yo thinks "bunny" is a word to point at a panda,

if mirin is so good why did nobody put it in my pantry prior to today !!!

watching "SNL from our dorms" and assuming that McKinnon just had this wall hanging lying in wait

fun fact! a Pb AGM Batt zappy box has *not as much mass* if you slurp all good zappy out of it.

daddy: say goodnight to burrito?
3yo: no. cars. cars.

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