futons minotaur, which hangs out in labyrinth and noms thousands of couch, is an anomaly

harumph, my nordic futon was missing from that nordic futon truck.

assuming minotaur got hungry

i am in my 30s and i got opinions about which minivan is good and which sucks ass

ahh balls, this string is not in in mastodon's l10n corpus

looking forward to having a moody GRRA kid

rot13 shitpost 


if you didn't grow up shouting birkat hamazon at top of your lungs at usy that's probably lost on you 🙃

dog in spoon is my pal
dog in spoon is my pal
i don't know why
i don't know why
supposing dog's a good boy!

i͉̟̣͉̭͔̘t̲̩̜͖s̩͚̕,͠,͖͙ ̙͓̼̣̣̹a͟ų̦̱t̸̲͚̺̳̻͈ù̪̠m̜̗̪̝̖n̸̝͈ͅͅ

Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI)

this but with Anamanaguchi's Scott Pilgrim

it's last two months of annum baby. gonna chug this spicy grog and watch "Harry And Sally…" on loop

hoping that ruminant can go running for many days and not run into too many cars 🙏🦌 omfg that moji with a schnozz similar to a light bulb

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