[has a cooky]
[dangling cooky so it could fall, but isn't]

at what o'clock do you go to tooth doctor

tooth hurty

might post a lox & matzo pic just to tick off starlit

joshly boosts


finally won at "can you find poop"

poop was in potty


voyaging to ohio this saturday for a shot!

(gboard says 💉 and 🥃, and i'm thinking both)

back again at this triangular park-ish spot. it's spring now though.

joshly boosts

challenge: explain regular expressions without using the letter 'e'

marry anybody who will show up with a quart of italian nuptial soup just for you

making a classy drink 

dark roast, mokapot, coconut oil, vanilla, brown sugar, top hwith whip

back upon my bullshit, rigging this up to output an avi of virtual goings-on (it's for filing a bug)

this bus stop sign is having an auspicious morning. how about you?

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