it was not so happy with how long this grass was, but it's a joy apart from that

i did yard shopping this morning and got a lo-fi grass clippy boi

Bo Motori clamitabo
Thus I sang; and still anigh
Copia Motorum Borum.
Cincti Bis Motoribus?

[pointing at hangout call] is grammy, is grandpa, [pointing at own tushy] is stinky butt

shout out to this bus chap sporting a JIRA t-shirt ??

joshly boosts

this lawn has anti-tank caltrops thanks to a fancy guardian company?

[any thing, in any spot, falls onto a floor, and it's anybody's fault]

tot (loudly): whoops!

tot has nuts to munch on

tot says "issa" kinda to say "it's a", as in "issa daddy!"

anyway, "issa nuts!" kid damn sounds as jar jar binks

in 1953 you had waiting for godot

still waits

sayonara pasach, on to pizza and a malt

Show additional (Mark II) is a lipogrammatic Mastodon for all.
Ambigram by B. Morin, CC BY-SA 4.0