on mastodon 2.9 i can finally go horizontal without it going multi-column and it's so good

@rjl20 (hooray at upgrading, not at going away 🙃)

@kit @allvalidwords
- 1 hoagy roll
- 1 squirtful of italian
- 1 salami
- 1 tomato
- 1 cupful macaroni

now that's a sub toot

might fuck around and visit a skin doctor just to know what its waiting room chants whilst banging on a clipboard

@whit_whal you wouldst'nt wad your captain into a cannon

@a_day_in_dublin football match of CWRU vs CMU, lovingly call it "gold slipstick".

@dracula tfw a book says "cut in this spot" and you don't

@ranjit @waltwhitman "Haiku by Walt Whitman by Walt Whitman" lol thanks johnny gootin

at a driving-in film spot for Toy Story 4!

wild and crazy activity 

wild and crazy activity 

@starlit sorry to say that dracula is in his coffin, on his own, saying "Thud! thud!".

@kit @mlc @d6 @Half_Cup_Baconfroots uh, i think so brain, but |i| has no imaginary part to flip

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