@starlit Confucius vs Slow Turtl Philosophy Man in a fight

it's unimportant how slowly you go so long as you do not stop

@dracula (holds up mug) caffin' about it all? (sips)

spousal unit: that spot you go on that isn't bird spot
i: ouli—
so: masto—
i: mastodon i was going to say mastodon

@dracula back at work again managing a squadron of diabolic sluts and lizardly shadow municipal officials

shout out to old man with cowboy hat, cowboy boots, and accordion

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joshly boosts

@ranjit @digitalthan wow, what sort of pig do you cook into a long bao

bird wants to board a flight, but has got a carcass

sorry you must pay for your carrion

#banalipo, #thatbrownstuff 

scraps of a shitty play 

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Oulipo.social (Mark II)

Mastodon is a "FOSS" social sharing hub. A multi-host substitution for capitalistic platforms, it avoids risking a particular company monopolizing your communication. Pick a host that you trust — you can still talk with all hosts running Mastadon. Any individual can run a Mastodon instantiation and join in this social hub in a jiffy.