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14mo calls all birds "duck" and i think that's just dandy

trophy unlock: 14mo can go all way from car, up yard, in front door, up stairs, into bathroom, and into bathtub without an assist.

cash for your noggins and your piggins and your firkins

saw a tuba solo last night (and horn band)! was missing music that didn't spawn from bits

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back upon my bullshit, calling spousal unit whilst ambulating through my cooking and dining rooms

naval gazing 

look, a boat!

naval gazing 

unfollowing all bots on this spot. sorry Starbuck, Fifty, and Mina, but your goings-on ain't all that fascinating

daddy, sobbing: you can't call all foot things shhh

14mo, giggling:
[putting sandal in mouth] shhh
[putting sock in mouth] shhh
[putting foot in mouth] shhh
[putting pants in in mouth] shhh

radiators: it's good

noticing a handful of ziti and orzo in this. still compliant for what it's worth

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a child 🤝 a ruckus
oulipians raising

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[Tooth doctor waiting room]

I: [pointing at aquarium, chanting] fish, fish-

Additional visiting fish-fans: fish, FISH

Lady who runs tooth doctor waiting room: [pounding clipboard] FISH, FISH, FISH!

[pounding on clipboard] [muffling sound slightly through mask] tff! tff! tff!

protocol for pouch:

grip pouch as tight as you can. put pouch in mouth. drink up.

if daddy is trying to avoid a spill and puts too-full pouch in mouth: withdraw pouch from mouth, grip tight until spill, go to start.

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@ranjit 2021 kit: walking across a post-apocalyptic scrubland, hungry, nostalgic for growing plants and toots

thinking about a long-ago BASIC tutorial talking about its LOC modifying way of working. it had a typo of PRONT and did a fix to PRINT

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