This is just to say

I’d had
all your plums
that you’d thought
to tuck
in our uniform folds

and which
you probably
had put away
for brunch

Pardon my slip
but it was so tasty
and so cold
as that idyllic fruit
of our thoughts

@ranjit I'm going to start a prog-ska band and call it Vast Briny

@mlc - Oh, good point, I didn’t think about that complication. Obviously, our solution is a global ban on all vinyl sticky stuffy manufacturing too. Down with our vinyl sticky stuff industry!

Toward a vision of biking-forward Brooklyn park roads, I’m proposing a ban of all things in this list, in addition to cars:

- B-balls, fútbols, and footballs without wrist straps
- Any kind of scooting apparatus, with motor or not
- Ponyback riding sans dung-catching bags
- Quadcycling on main loop, just no
- Sk8r bois on longboards going against traffic
- Alpha cyclist bros. No shoaling, whistling to pass, or unsought drafting. INSTANT ban for Strava KOM lords who must 1-up a lady passing him

To my local Pakistani quick-food joint:
I’d go for your palak on basmati any day. But must you insist on microwaving my food in plastic?
If you don’t want a plastic box, try it on a styrofoam dish, you say.
I nod, wistfully watching as my poor lunch spins around in that hotbox of radioactivity, oozing toxic compounds, dripping in BPA, draining phthalic acid rot…
No doubt my lunch will cut my adulthood in half.
All in all, a small cost to pay though, I think.
Nobody’s spinach is as good!

joy boosts

Raplapla, un dodo m'attrapa. Pris par son bras, il fallut : j'ai suivi. Il fit voir (à moi !) son arboricol (quasi un cou : haut du tronc mais pas tant). Là où il dort, parmi sa tribu. À part moi, il attrapa aussi son nourissant plant (du bambou) puis traîna mon corps plus loin, plus haut. Il vit l'horizon, moi aussi. On tomba dans la nuit l'un plus l'un, dodo plus moi, animaux assoupis. Summum du lit : l'habitat du dodo.

Lisant un fil sur Oulipo, ça donnait l’inspiration d’approfondir mon français par la fiction. Ainsi,

j’ai parcouru un grand choix d’albums au Strand. Là, un oubli:

il n’y avait aucun roman d’Oulipo dispo. On voyait Pascal à Proust, pourtant pas un nom voulu parmi

nos options. Tant pis!

Vu qu’il manquait surtout un bouquin dont on parlait tantôt, La Disparition, j’ai fait l’achat sur un magasin digital. Youpi!

Au final, ça fait plaisir d’avoir un bouquin utilisant vingt-cinq amis.

Just around for and wild flag antics 😂

I will say that writing this way allows you to fully grasp just how brilliant and whimsical Oulipian lit was, back in its day. I think tooting in anglais is hard, but can you fathom using Gallic vocabulary, as a famous Oulipian did in “La Disparition?” Try finding a pronom or infinitif (with conjugaison!) in français that works for your particular phrasing. Trop dur! 🇫🇷

Hi world! This is my first lipogrammatic toot, and my first go at Mastodon. Composing toots with constraints is difficult so far, but who actually wants a fifth symbol, if four is just as good? I wasn’t missing that additional symbol anyway.

Oulipo.social (Mark II)

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