Congratulations to Offspring vocalist Bryan Holland
on finishing his PhD work on microRNAs in coding parts of HIV. Intriguing data. Long in coming, following hit album prompting him to drop out in 1994.

Chai is an aromatic infusion of plant compounds, and is "world's most old and most popular CNS-stimulant-containing drink." A journal is publishing analysis of DNA string data for big chromosomal cohort of that bountiful plant.

Much structural comparison to kiwifruits, cacao and such.
Stimulant production pathway history: truly distinct in "brown stuff" plants.
Utilizing data may aid in making cultivars with tasty and satisfying flavors.

Kindly also think of synonyms for similar hot aromatic drink also from/using plant shoot organs.
茶? Chai?

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Can community kindly brainstorm synonyms for 'that brown stuff', potion from ground roast 𝘊. 𝘢𝘳𝘢𝘣𝘪𝘤𝘢? Thing with sub-solubility-limit stimulant compounds.

Good toots!

@mus Amazing that such a small virtual box can spark and sustain such jovial community! Good quantity and quality.
Thank you visionary administrator. Forward!

Writing is transitory. Loss of DB data confusing, but possibly good in long run. Starting from scratch good. Stimulating. Æquanimitas. (Mark II)

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