Topics, from most straightforward to discuss on this Mastodon, on down:
* (Bach, Mozart, Ludwig, Chopin, Liszt, Alkan, Brahms, Rachmaninoff, Kapustin...)
* Throwing flying discs until a catch in a goal
* Moving army parts on an 8x8 grid so as to vanquish a king
* Communicating via bids and signals, two play cards against two to fulfill a bid contract, with or without a trump suit

@justarobot Also Jazz and building stuff such as robots and things, and cooking and Spanish and Arabic, Hangul!

I luv this joint.

* Poultry ova
* Radio signals from brains, caught by disks on cranium
* 1962 film by Arch Hall Sr about troglodytic man in 1960s, which MST3k did mock

I think "catch" prohibits disc golf, but I was not pinpoint. I had in mind a sport in which a group is trying to catch and throw a disc back-to-back to finish in an opposing group's goal. (Sorry for my tag omission. Your instantiation has an invalid symbol.)

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