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kit, but farming now @kit

@ngnr i am 100% about play-acting as a cowboy and running wild. it's basically all i do.

@nv my lil bungalow has a big yard and spring is coming soon so, in a way, i'm living on a sod farm but i think my landlords would flip out if i sold all that turf. i'm gonna grow basil and mint and autochthonous blooms along my front walkway as soon as it warms up, but that's about it irl

i am still figuring out how it works but i think a ranch is just a farm without any plants growing so as soon as i dig up all my turnips, my farm turns into a ranch until i can plant my parsnips. as soon as parsnips start growing, my ranch turns back into a farm. #farmlipo

right now, as far as farm animals go, it's just goats on my farm. my darling goats jump and run and play all day long but i cannot hitch any of my goats to this plow

@ranjit @ojahnn @starlit @phooky i.p. law inquiry: can you copyright a dictionary if its just a straight-up list of words?

most of what i know about law is criminal law. i know a lot about criminal law.

@ojahnn @starlit @phooky @ranjit amazon has a similar book (but for my patois) by gustav muthmann but it's almost sixty bucks! for a book you could build with a short python script and a trip to kinko's!

@ojahnn @ranjit @phooky @starlit is a backwards dictionary an actual, physical book you can buy? i just found out about it in roman mars' podcast as a linguistic tool for dictionary making folks but that podcast didn't say if it was a book that was sold to civilians

okay but what do y'all think about parsnips?

@mlc @ranjit @phooky mark my words: on saturday, just as soon as i unload this tractor-load of turnips, i am hitting up goodwill and buying any toasting contraption with a bialy button and looting its circuit boards for bialy chips.

if you want to go comparing it to farming, robbing banks is not so difficult.

so i am told.

@mlc @ranjit fun food transformational magic trick: you can turn a bialy into a toasty bialy with just a common pt8a2514a chip

@ranjit @phooky i was hoping to find about a thousand on alibaba for a handful of bucks but alibaba also didn't list any

@phooky wait, is this an ic for making toast and toasting bialy? that's amazing!

@ojahnn soon i will grow both kinds of food: turnip and radish

@ojahnn i thought going into farming that your farm could only grow an individual kind of plant so i am only growing turnips right now. thank you for your support!

@starlit "starlit and a giant turnip" by roald dahl

[standing on a soapbox and shouting into a snowstorm] turnips! turnips! boil 'um! mash 'um! stick 'um in a soup!