i forgot that anybody can just "toot" a "toot" on oulipo dot social

flag guards brought onboard from 2/19/2012 onward don't know flag protocol, only know corn cob, log off, cowboy paint a dog, my family is dying, and buddy,,,,

how many fish would a fast fish fish if a fast fish could fish fast?

just found out that bob burton is a bot and not a guy who is v into translating things from latin lol

highlight of my night so far was sitting on a big rock and watching a kid piloting a cardboard boat as it was sinking. probably not gonna top that tbh

i saw a 2003 subaru outback at my local publix today but i think it was taking a nap. still p spooky though!

morning again, sitting on my couch. all day i call my old boss to ask if i can go in today to "guard" that flag (wink wink). my boss says, "buddy,

might go ambling down my road tonight. might say hi to a bunch of lil barking dogs through chain link. might watch tvs through living room windows. might

gonna start a bird cult, a cult about birds. "surfin' bird" is our foundational song, our hymn

cowboy dan, a cowboy who is famous for shooting god

just smashing that kudos button on any activity that pops up on my strava dashboard

you think kit's spooky? wait until you find out about a 2003 subaru outback

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only just now noticing that i'm still going by "spooky kit" on oulipo

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