t.l.j. just outran a falling building. it was glorious

no ur crying as you watch volcano (1997)

just got to my climbing gym and thought, "what i actually want is a nap" so now i'm going back away from my climbing gym lol

if god hath wraught a man, and that man hath wraught a plan, and that plan hath wraught a canal, what hath god wraught?

kinosha kid but it's "what hath god wraught"

pivoting from "farming" to farming

i built an art bot but it's not on mastodon and it's not on that bird cloud. it's only in my living room

kit boosts

lucio fontana probably first cut a canvas unwittingly, dropping a sword or such, and was too proud not to play it off as wilful

i just got out of "in fabric", a hilarious british horror film about a spooky gown that kills anybody that might try it on

(1983 film about runaway punk kids; fun and sad, including a v young r.h.c.p. bassist)

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