Toot with a pin

you can throw a man out of an arby's but you can't throw arby's out of a man

is this anything?

got a compulsion to just post "boot scootin' " as soon as i log on and i gotta constantly fight it

"i posit that, in this instant, you could find a location in this world such that you could point to it and truthfully say that it is 5 o'clock" - alan jackson (ft. jimmy b.)

"which arby's locations was i thrown out of?"

which arby's location wasn't i thrown out of, am i right?

if i buy a chainsaw, you know that first thing i do is i'm posting about buying it on oulipo dot social

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i was gonna call this a pivot but actually "gaming son who is not winning" was always my brand

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[turning around and looking up from my gaming chair] no dad, i am not winning

thinking about writing additional oulipo-compliant songs

ranjit's #1 hit song, "(my baby is a) janky-tonk arsonist" sounds alarmingly similar to my own composition

just going totally buck wild in an arbys parking lot but still maintaining social distancing

i forgot that anybody can just "toot" a "toot" on oulipo dot social

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