i didn't want to tidy up my living situation today until i put on my jumpsuit; with a jumpsuit on i tidy for hours without stopping. why is my brain way?

here's a cool tip: snails have both a gill and a lung.

oulipo pals: i'm sorry but i'm not sorry for boosting a toot with a bad symbol in it as that toot was about snails

your honor, if, and i say if i was driving that train, how was it a runaway train? "driving" would imply control, would it not? motion to dismiss, your honor

snuck into a local start-up's hackathon night to load up on pizza again. do i do python or javascript or any such thing? no, no i do not but thanks for buying pizza

"oh, but at what cost!" i call out, should anything good occur

kit, what's going on in your job today?

oh not much just stuck on a roof waiting for a can of wasp spray

pro tip: don't try to adorn your living situation with spooky trim just for this month; work skulls into your total furnishing plan

i don't think anybody coulda known that a giant bag of gummi worms and a big cup of bad gas station would turn into an angry roiling mass in my tummy

thank you all again for my invitation to this symposium on po-mo fiction. i am looking forward to giving my talk on our final night about scooby doo motifs in thomas pynchon's catalog and how shaggy works as a sort of proto-protagonist for said works

shout out to that guy on my block who's burning plastic right now. good thinking, buddy!

i saw a billboard for qanon an hour ago and i'm still grappling with that

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