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kit, but farming now

i saw two barn owls at my local botanical park today during its spring fundraising day! i also bought two cool basil plants (ruffly in a dark royal) and a bunch of plants to attract humming birds

i saw humming bird #2 today! which is kind of crazy! humming birds around my town typically munch on bugs all spring and don't drink from blooms until around july so it is uncommon to spot humming birds in april

bird noticing oulipo 2018

i wanna know about birds you find

i saw my first humming bird of 2018 today and it was fucking magical, y'all

i was born in a mylar balloon during a storm, a radiant sky full of whirring locusts announcing my birth on a day just as this. it was on tv. so i want my birthday burrito, thank you

morning again at my local climbing gym. i am asking my gym staff to stop building climbs with fucking bat hangs. buddy,

film trivia quiz: this 1987 morality play stars jason patric as a young man navigating his cool pals and boring family in a fictional stand-in for santa cruz. what film is it?

following four months of subsisting on tridaily bowls of turnip soup, i am announcing that i am again pursuing that most goodly of occupations: robbing banks in coastal italian towns

film trivia quiz: this 1987 film starring two corys is about a group of young comic book fans with big imaginations who work in a boardwalk comic book shop in a coastal california town. what film is it?

film trivia quiz: this 1987 film is a docu-drama about punk rock kids in santa carla, california. what film is it?

it's finally spring and my farm is thriving! i'm looking forward to growing plums in my orchard and having a solid alibi for saturday, april 14th

crypto ๐Ÿ‘ is ๐Ÿ‘ short ๐Ÿ‘ for ๐Ÿ‘ cryptozoology!

stop ๐Ÿ‘ using ๐Ÿ‘ up ๐Ÿ‘ all ๐Ÿ‘ of ๐Ÿ‘ bigfoot's ๐Ÿ‘ coins!

working again today stocking william carlos williams' pantry. flo williams is asking if this pantry has any cool plums for tomorrow morning. buddy, i cannot stop your husband

mixing up a cauldron of my famous giggling potion and arguing with my dad about alvar aalto, both of us waving our arms wildly and shouting loudly, making dubious claims

that blushing boy with radiant hair and a can-do spirit is logging on

i was climbing a roof climb with no foot holds in my gym last night and got to a long horizontal throw that i couldn't campus. i was trying a lot of things to do this throw but nothing was working until i did a fig. four and that was how to do it! folks who saw it would call out "holy shit, that guy just did a fig. four!"

i got a bunch of fruit so that i could paint a painting of a bowl of fruit but i got hungry so this is a painting of a bowl