kit boosts

a woman i was climbing with found a stray crystal in our climbing gym tonight. with nobody watching, i stuck it in my chalk bag bc it's probably plastic but what if it's magical?

sorry y'all i'm just sassy bc it's monday

i'm assuming that that guy who built mastodon had first pick of logins and still took "gargron".

wild stuff

old: transitory art
bold: art that ruins any surrounding works of art

just thinking about that first durutti column on factory with a gritty housing, about how choosing to play that album slowly sands away any surrounding albums' art

so much hangs
a patchwork
in a shadow
with a guard
looking on

if you ask why i didn't do as i was told, i'm gonna claim that i did (do as i was told)

kit boosts

gagosian is short for goblin picasso painting

[calling out from a shadowy loading dock across from gagosian] psst! psst! you lookin to buy a art? you not a cop? psst kid you wanna buy a goblin picasso?

kit boosts

at a local cultural institution today, admiring paintings by bob ross. shifting from room to room, gazing at paintings of happy lil mountains, i'm trying to also act happy but i'm totally forlorn: i was hoping to find a flag

kit boosts

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which branch of philosophy is it that primarily thinks and talks about draculas?

climbing is actually p hard y'all

dogwash, hogwash (i won't wash cowboy paint off a dog)

how do i, a cowboy, wash paint off a dog .

is that a furby display or a mogwai tzompantli?

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