Hungry, scrawny WOLFLING paints pic of tobacco shop on canyon wall.

Road-running BIRD runs into painting, buys tobacco, runs out smoking, trailing fragrant tobacco puffs.

WOLFLING, puzzling, scratching scalp, walks into tobacco shop- his snout bangs into canyon wall, collapsing and making an accordion sound.

Pausing animation and zooming out to show artist at an animation board, in a suit and bowl hat. It’s MAGRIT.

MAGRIT turns to fourth wall, shrugs, and says “ain’t I stinky!?”

booting up mastodon, finding all my pals talking about soup: 😻
finding out its bc all my pals got sick: 😿

@e salutations! i am a diplomat from oulipo dot social on a diplomatic mission to curtail any bad blood and start working towards a harmonious tomorrow

@rjl20 hi can i paypal you a lil cash towards any costs you might incur maintaining oulipo dot social? thanks again btw

going from door to door singing carols about krampus

i found an old mountain goats song that i didn't know tonight via @themountaingoats and i gotta say it's p good.
cao dai blowout by mountain goats

diplomatic mission to dolphin town, ambassador's journal, day 2: my suit is soggy from wading through waist-high brackish marsh all day and basic communication with locals is proving impossibly difficult

"my work looks at our pastoral traditions and how that contrasts with our fast-moving world"

starting an instagram account that's just blurry photos shot through my car window as i'm driving down country roads to critical acclaim

diplomatic mission to dolphin town, ambassador's journal, day 1: looking forward to making contact with dolphin town's civic administration, hoping for a fruitful discussion

worst thing about art basil is trying to load a bunch of paintings on a fan boat at four a.m. with alarms going off all around you

just thinking about how you "do" a triathlon, you "try" a duathlon, and i stay in bc running is hard and i'm bad at it

looking for a mastodon domain to join? how about oulipo dot social? it's a fun spot full of good folks! and as a bonus i think you'll find that basic communication is so difficult that you'll usually just throw up your hands and log off. i know i still do!

Show additional (Mark II) is a lipogrammatic Mastodon for all.
Ambigram by B. Morin, CC BY-SA 4.0