i just want to bang on a drum all day tbh

buying plums to distract william carlos williams from my apricots

did you know: www stand's for walt whitman's world

kit boosts

@kit Walt Whitman! Walt Whitman!
Doing that which a Waltwhit can!
Can Walt jot
Words that sass?
Look at his
Book of grass!
Look out!
It's good old Walt Whitman!

walt whitman is a famous fictional drug lord from an a.m.c. tv show shot on location in n.m.

bad glyph in a photo 


kit boosts

And the cornet blows where the oleander grows
And us two, not the same people that our old friends knew

this just in: i'm told that this is actually "all star" by smash mouth

copyright law ?? 

folks always ask how i got so good at songwriting and i always gotta say i don't know. i just start playing a song; it just occurs.

i just caught this flash of lightning in a jar and i'm calling it "so much to do" for now

kit boosts

Reveal the hidden truth about the serpent's tooth
Try not to get romantic
Tell tales about white whales, way out in the Atlantic

this guy just said it was "national" and "public"??? and this guy didn't sound canadian? what is going on

just finding out that my car has a built-in podcast? i think you call it "radio"? did y'all know about this???

i'm big into gaming. i play a lot of mastodon, strava, and podcasts

oulipo as main is basically playing mastodon on "immortal"

fun fact: my junior high gym coach is now writing official dracula™ books. i'm told it's all v. v. horny

my goofy mug looking straight at you 

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