unpopular opinion: 14 hands, 1 inch is a horsy, not a pony

i just saw robocop and robocop 2 and it was a lot, y'all

this bot is going to start tooting soon! (not compliant, and I admit hand picking that first post):


using a local road atlas to build a fun voronoi diagram of arby's locations i got thrown out of

i had a prof. in 2008 say that i should study fortran and i think about that a lot

oulipo has so much in-joking and so many unusual linguistic work-arounds that i think of most of my toots as "local only" anyways tbh

was cruising in your pacifica, blasting kidz bop and raffi

my goofy mug looking straight at you, also foots 

Gilligan's Island's is back baby. It's good again. Luvvvvvvyyyyy (thurston Howl)

jumpsuit's is back baby. it's good again. awoouu (wolf howl)

halfway through jumping a canyon in a funny car, in midair and noticing that i am not going to hit my landing ramp, i am starting to think that naming my car "hubris" was actually a bad thing to do

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