Instantiation policy discussion topic: boosts of non-oulipo-compliant toots from global instantiations. I think I could automatically prohibit that; should I try?

I'm not saying I want to! Just tossing it out for community discussion.

@rjl20 I do non-compliant boosts, and I think I stand out for that. Not as many as I might - it's kinda bad form? Happy that folks would block my boosts - also happy if you block boosts across this instantiation.


@v21 @rjl20 i'm also known to boost non-compliant toots; i didn't know it was thought of so poorly. i can stop doing it but @wikisext is just such a good bot, y'all.

@kit @v21 I don't know that it is thought of poorly! I just saw it as possibly a violation of this spot's spirit this morning and thought I'd ask.

@rjl20 @kit @v21 @nv @sculpin how about voluntary custom laid out in FAQ or Social Contract: it's ok to link to non-compliant toots with a CW, just don't boost such things in this spot. A programming solution is possibly not vital

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