knowingly using a salad fork for fish as my charm school instructors start howling, jumping up on chairs to throw crystal my way

trying to play katamari irl by putting on a jumpsuit, coating it in tar, and doing basic gymnastics rolls

i was told that you and your band sold your banjos and bought accordions

[strolling down d-dorf's main drag at high noon in my cowboy duds, spurs jangling on my boots and six-guns at my hips]
conflict man! i'm calling you out!

@ranjit i was at [alibi] with [alibi] doing [alibi things]

formally abandoning my birthright as soon as i am out of coconut jail so that i can still go honky tonkin' tonight

@starlit @ranjit i think canonically that i was thrown into coconut jail for acts of piracy circa may 2017

it's p wild that i don't own a bunch of lizards. at any point and with no prior planning i could just go out and buy a ton of lizards and it's totally baffling that i don't tbh

taking my rightful position as darling idol of fashion blogs by walking around manhattan in a grumman moon suit

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