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kit, but farming now

@whit_whal that's an apt portrayal of oulipo dot social in my opinion

@ranjit corbu famously said "a chair is not art, it's a tool for sitting" but this hirshhorn curator that i'm bribing says it's an original christo

@phooky @ranjit musk is such a lazy amalgamation of bond villians: just half max zorin and half hugo drax. that's it!

@ranjit as far as alibis go, it's probably good if i'm abroad a fortnight from now. i'll consult my day book and inform you of my availability.

@ranjit i just sold lacma a truckload of hand trucks in burlap wrapping

@ranjit forging christos is kinda my thing, buddy

@ojahnn @ranjit @whit_whal i'm still licking my wounds from this sick burn

morning again at my organic farm, chasing a pig around my turnip patch as yackity sax plays

this bright morning
at my front door

@digitalthan no slag and a cuss for this town
was all in my mouth
only i don't know how
it got out, buddy,

looking for a gift for mom that's just right? how about this turnip? or a sack of turnip flour? or a dram of turnip oil? or an original picasso canvas?

a circuit court is upholding my ban from an infamous local honky tonk. a marshall is asking why i'm not in prison.

@whit_whal this is what it says on my calling card