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kit, but up to no good again

@ranjit @phooky tootlist bankruptcy has that zydapunkt sound kids go for

@ranjit i'm trying to land a walk-on audition for this fall's big tv show, louisiana's top up and coming swamp pop idol, sundays on nbc

@ranjit i clip my box tops and wait two months for your book. i finally find a post-it in my mailbox that says "just play chords in g major until you run out of sad songs"

@ranjit wolfton was big around 2007, lot of wolf bands back in 2007

@ojahnn @ranjit @starlit although i moonlight as a honky tonk songsmith, i don't actually know much about music composition. is zwölfton what you'd call "atonal"?

moving away from birdworld Show additional

@ojahnn i put its form in its photo caption; i think i'm going to not worry about upholding oulipo standards in photo captions going forward

i know i said i'd stop but i didn't stop last night. it got filling in its gaps, a sanding, and a thick, sloppy coat of paint.

gonna stop for tonight but it only lacks a coat of paint or two

@ranjit thank you for upholding oulipo on this account too

@ranjit writing just a quatrain was hard and that's assuming "mounty" counts

@ranjit i'm still trying to put my song "(my baby's a) honky tonk arsonist" on country radio