+1 to an oulipo book club. Alas, "classic" oulipo (Raymond Q., Calvino, and so on) is mostly unliving pink guys. Would want to look a bit out of that box.

zzzzz? i should. but i don’t wanna. *am child* :(

mind: i want to draw!
actual action: *scrolls through mastodon*


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drowsy, worn out, &c. not looking forward to morning

and still i baulk at snoozing…! i'm bad at adulting

lunch hour is at hand. or long past, actually

my ocular inputs want to shut. so snoozy. too much stuff to do though!

Click on this to find out about this 1 odd glyph that oulipo dot social administrators DON'T want you to know about!

i did add oulipo back to amaroq, so good odds that my posting activity will go up


my lunch was too big. stomach oof. not particularly tasty, but it was low-cost ¯\_(ツ)_/¯?

wishing a good non-yuck day to all pals 💜


all my folks out raving 'bout that toot sound funny but it's still rock and roll strictly

intra-oulipo joking 

omfg oulipo.social social contract got a diff bc of carl's jr. joking brand account, lmao


*yawn*. 'tis a lot past witching hour. i should probably do that snoozing thing (but i kind of don't want to)

Q: What rough monstrosity is slouching towards Tokyo for its nativity

A: it's mothra

nostalgia: that day in which t*c* b_ll put an account on oulipo

it did not find that happy aloha that noncorporation visitors can trust at this spot, no

ok, going to try, quickly, in this small gap of dry sky

did rain stop? or just slow down? i must carry a big box to UPS building

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