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i am so rusty writing with glyph limitations

i am back on my bullshit! that is to say, on this instantiation again

i saw a toot that did talk about this instantiation as if a past thing-- historical? so i log in now to find out. awooo, it is still living!

i brought a brolly for rain-- now rain looks doubtful

today was start of fruit company's annual global programming convocation (WWDC). i'm most looking forward to AR Kit in iOS 11. looks fun & cool

last night i saw WONDROUS WOMAN with a group of pals. it was fantastic! i will probably go again

day is night and night is day. my snoozing/waking rhythm is topsy-turvy

cooking pasta, which is oulipo-compliant! linguini, to clarify

p.s. i am no cook. pasta is my limit

nobody wants to aid naming 7 oulipian dwarfs? "groggy" & "a-choo-y" ain't grand, lol

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Doc, Grumpy, Happy, Snoozy, Bashful, A-choo-y (?) ...Groggy?

i'm watching an old tv show: 70s wondrous woman

Doc, Grumpy, Happy, Snoozy, Bashful, A-choo-y (?) ...Groggy?

2 days ago? 2 days ago?! :(

(my last toot on this instantiation)
i am failing my oulipo training…

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