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just noticing that any bony part of anatomy is basically just a rock hitch hiking in your body. sad and p'd off

did a social thing and now i must unwind for a month

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a cicada chirrs
a koi gulps
a snail

Politic's is back baby. It's good again. Awoouu (wolf Howl)

(wow this classic dril toot avoids that fifth glyph)

still thinking about "Go To My Ass" and looking at it and saying how much of good it is

3 moost common ways i act upon spying a toot
1) nodding profoundly
2) slapping brow & saying "Aw man!"
3) adding it to my words on hush list

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im so strong that i could pull a molar out o f my mouth right now but i dont want to

also an original: "No, no – I think about thinking"

"A mirror mirroring a mirror" – Doug Hof (without modification)

🎵 Too Many Books 🎵

still sad that I could not bring my gigantic copy of L' Ton Bow d' Marot along to Oz. can't wait to absorb its words

An "Unusual Loop" occurs in any situation in which, by moving a thing upwards (or downwards) through ranks in a pyramidal configuration, that thing is abruptly found right back at its original location.

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can i fuck that flag today. can i fuck that flag today , on this day of Luigi

i pull a small US flag out of my pouch and do a tiny kiss on it in my day to ward off liars and skinflints

how much of good it is

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@liam drilipobot looks for such posts, saving humans to think of ways to talk about Ms. Ross's flag

(a citation from you is in its LOOK-AT-THIS on github!)

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A particularly good bot conjunction