Man, I can't wait to start out with day 1 of . I'm so curious to find out how hard it is to do writing without a particular symbol!

pls allow for additional posts from @quasihaiku as I adjust a dial or two

if all humans born atwixt 50,000 BC and now could pay you a dollar, you still would not surpass Amazon boss J. Bozos

Im told that it's wrong to think that Oswald that lucky rabbit would own 1 million dollars if that rabbit was an irl human. Im told my conviction about this is trash

It is with sorrow that I must inform you that Australian politics is at it again

just found out you can pin a hashtag inquiry, so naturally my oulipo window has a drilipo column now

I m going to put into words for you - with maximum rigour -

justifications to solicit my showing at a forthcoming "Toot Up":
1) if i grow unruly i am not difficult to vanquish
2) i know which simpsons bits dont suck

tfw that most crucial typo in a dril toot swaps a good glyph for that scandalous symbol

thinking about possibly tooting non-dril things on this spot

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