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i will crush all spoofs of which i am victim . i will bring any folks who do spoofs of my glorious toots to that most high court of criminal law. 

folks giving and gaining Admiration with astonishing rapidity ... and it is all thanks to that unassuming micro chip

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my spot now allows you to show ISO8601 hours in UTC, your local zonal timing, or any zonal timing you want, AND ALSO swatch's odd split-a-day-into-1000 bits timing, and (as @volt4ire wants) an old français thing of splitting days up into 10 hours.

it's too much.

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Good morning, sir, I — [portfolio full of gumdrops spills out]

go on. don't stop howling "Fuckin Shut Up " my way. it only compounds what Horror my opinions amount to

12 months living in Australia as of today

uploading avatar again… can't call to mind which avatar it was, but I'm always fond of goatsnail

during oulipo's month away, I was moving away into a most satisfactory flat.

happy saturday, oulipo pals!

catching up on All Do It So Why Not Us by that Irish vaccinium oxycoccos band

(got mail from family! still 1 day to go in that TZ)

thank you bandcamp for launching giftcards in anticipation of my birthday

Hiro Arikawa's fiction book about a cat is funny, poignant, and— what no I'm not crying

no birdland in 2018? I wouldn't last two days, but what a thought

taking a vacation from birdland

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flood warnings
a snail
damp socks

flood warnings for Victoria! much rain out my way but so far nothing alarming

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I partook of plums
you'd put away for morning

sorry about that
so cold and tasty tho