Is 'is' truth? I ask four Oulipians, of whom two say yay and two say nay.

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Compliant forms of music: Classical, Drum & Bass, Folk, Jazz, Pop, Primus,

Oulipian Star Wars
Part I – Much Ado About Jar Jar
Part II – Two To Jango
Part III – Sith Hits Fan
Solo: A Star Wars Story
Rascal 1: A Star Wars Story
Part IV – Star Wars: A Star Wars Story
Part V – Plot Twist
Part VI – Furballs 1, AT-AT 0
Part VII – It's Back, It's All Back
Part VIII – Viva Canto Bight
Part IX – Skyfolk Go Upward

Forgot to say, I can wrap up my Star Wars marathon now – that's 11 out of 11 films. Tonight I might watch… anything at all that's not that.

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Australian politics 

Voting out a worn-out, right-wing administration with a bullying addiction: good stuff imho

Tonight: Pizza and Star Wars VII (Midichlorian Thing Stops Zzzing)

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Tonight was Star Wars VI. Funny furballs throwing rocks at AT-ATs.

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Fun things to do in NSW:

- Look at books for hours in Books Kinokuniya
- Look at famous building what has music in
- Catch a flight to Victoria

oops, how ambiguous… I forgot that Solo is also "A Star Wars Story".

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…and that's my watching for tonight; four to go.

I had fun on this round of "A Star Wars Story". Its "Star Wars… kinda" soundtrack was distracting (and don't ask about CGI Tarkin), but it works as an action film.

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I got going on a Star Wars marathon two Sundays ago (a good distraction as I was ill). Six down so far: IV, V, I, II, III, and Solo. Picking up "A Star Wars Story" tonight.

Sky's so captivating at sundown this month. I go walking daily to find a good local spot to watch it. No luck so far but I won't stop trying.

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