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if all humans born atwixt 50,000 BC and now could pay you a dollar, you still would not surpass Amazon boss J. Bozos wolframalpha.com/input/?i=jeff

Im told that it's wrong to think that Oswald that lucky rabbit would own 1 million dollars if that rabbit was an irl human. Im told my conviction about this is trash

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It is with sorrow that I must inform you that Australian politics is at it again

just found out you can pin a hashtag inquiry, so naturally my oulipo window has a drilipo column now

I m going to put into words for you - with maximum rigour -

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justifications to solicit my showing at a forthcoming "Toot Up":
1) if i grow unruly i am not difficult to vanquish
2) i know which simpsons bits dont suck

tfw that most crucial typo in a dril toot swaps a good glyph for that scandalous symbol

thinking about possibly tooting non-dril things on this spot

smashing a shrub to shit with a big tool, to build up my Stamina

just noticing that any bony part of anatomy is basically just a rock hitch hiking in your body. sad and p'd off

did a social thing and now i must unwind for a month

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a cicada chirrs
a koi gulps
a snail

Politic's is back baby. It's good again. Awoouu (wolf Howl)

(wow this classic dril toot avoids that fifth glyph)

still thinking about "Go To My Ass" and looking at it and saying how much of good it is

3 moost common ways i act upon spying a toot
1) nodding profoundly
2) slapping brow & saying "Aw man!"
3) adding it to my words on hush list

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