Frying solid dairy products, with broccolini on a grill. Add drops of liquid citrus. Mmmmm.

Walk without rhythm, don’t attract any worms 🐛

Driving in my city, I had forgot, is boring and annoying and awful. Lockdown work has its kind parts.


I think Thai. Probably a curry and a stir fry.

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Night falls, Sunday PM: I crack a tin, pour potato chips into a bowl, and think about food. Might go on to two tins fairly soon.

A wombat: my no. 1 marsupial and firm pick for burrowing glory

Now Bob Dylan won a lit award for his lyrics and songs, but for my cash ABBA lost unfairly on both counts

That world football administration is corrupt is an axiom, what’s surprising is for any grasping proposal to out-crook FIFA

Do you know what a bomb is, Jack, that fails to go off? It’s a crap gold watch

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That canal-stuck ship joins Africa and Asia again

I got a Bunnings gift card but don’t know which tools I want to buy most

🎶 a wop-bop a loopa a wop bam boom / tutti frutti 🎶

It is a truth all hold as a fact, that a man who has an amount of capital, must want a woman to marry

Pop quiz, hotshot. A bomb is on a bus. What do you do?

You want that I should play that Wu-Tang joint again? (Mark II)

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