Back as watchman at a landmark craft hall. Lads ask, "Brah, can a flag fan ball that standard?" Pal, my watchman shaft can't tap that starry ass

I await my opportunity again today, a randy watchman full of flag lust. You horny visitors always try to usurp my primacy in boning Old Glory. My boss thwarts all our plots.

Cross-toot translation from that bird thing:

Origin of hugs:
You look sad. I should try strangling all of your body.

Now to say words aloud from this "fairy book of a sunny color", to assist two young lads in falling unconscious until morning. Good night all!

Just got through "Fantastic Animals, Including Locations". Fun stuff.

our only political platform: full-automation luxury gay trans-spatial communism

... Put out that quick wick!
It's all a walking shadow, a poor actor,
Strutting, pacing in a half-hour sitcom,
And vanishing again. A folk ballad
Sung by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing.

Winding down, folding laundry, washing a last bit of dining apparatus, and watching a digital film transmission. Iron Fist is poor to middling, but living is all good.

Day two working pro bono in this patriotic flag information booth. Visitors always ask to fuck Ms. Ross's flag. Buddy, I work in this joint, and I still can't fuck it.

Good morning, all! What will you do today?

I'm busy accounting for buggy in-app link visits in a major social platform. Ugh! (Mark II)

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