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if limiting to our top 1000 words, oulipians can talk about visiting wolf girls and a fascinating computational goat, but not about boys biking backwards or thick unicorn wisdom

In Romanian, A Void's nym is Disparația, and translator S. Foarță starts with a short part using no a, i, o, or u.

Watching a flight: AA 70. From Dallas to Frankfurt. Can't stay for all of it, but will look at start.

Slowly coming along in "Anton Voyls Fortgang" (A Void). Consumation is tough, but okay and actually thrilling. Also took a look at a post-script by translator H.; fascinating, too.

Playing my piano; I wish it was an actual piano, not out of plastic and bad. Or possibly a piano I can turn off; artificial but good.

That brings back to my brain my task of making again a song book; I'd start again, but it's so much work...

This turns into a kind of dark/guard account; possibly not that bad, but if that, I must turn lockdown on, I think.

Good for I won't post (too) drunk, as a minimal brain capacity is compulsory for this instantiation.

But so it's not in vain, I try to polish our living room and bath, to bring trash down to its box, as good as I can. With our clocks' shift, it's hard to talk, as I'm nocturnal as sarnthil isn't.

I'm singular this day and this moon's fourth, with my gal at Coling in USA... it's sad; I'm glad Laura is back in but four days. Going to my dormitory couch is hard, is always not as soon as I want.

Today I'll tidy up my flat, to a podcast or two. Good thing I just got two parts just now. First: A show of "mutants". In an hour or so Howdy Information Highway.

(Nach Kurz-Ansicht: Humor großartig, sofort kam Lachanfall)

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Tomorrow I will go by bus to Praha, city of gold, for participation in my graduation. Uni wants formal clothing, I will go in black Strauss' pants and a shirt, I think. Don't own anything apart from that.

Plants did pollination of air, which I disdain. Wish for it to finally stop.

Today: a (roughly monthly) Python group rally will occur again, today at a company in KA-Nord. Looking forward to it.

Why is it raining so much? I am at work, want to go back to my couch, but biking looks not so good right now. I just wish it would stop soon. But it still rains.

Why, what you will.
Tarry, rash wanton: am not I thy lord?
But with thy brawls thou hast disturb'd our sport.
Unworthy as I am, to follow you.
Nor doth this wood lack worlds of company,
Lulla, lulla, lullaby, lulla, lulla, lullaby:
So, good night, with lullaby.

(Glacial cold carbon dioxidal H₂O is an improving factor though.)

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Birch is biting my ocular and nasal organs. I cry constantly, for days now. I wish for it to stop, but I think it won't soon.

Today, I may jointly (with co-working guys/gals) scrap normal work and gain an as of now unknown skill. All day!

I want to look how big continuous parts of works from William "Joltstick" I could post in this location.

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