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tfw you, acting in and assuming good faith, put your dog in a dog show only to find out that it's actually a dog and pony show

In many ways it's odd if anything BUT a body top part would talk.

Talking Body Tops. Talking Things that Caps Contain. Talking Part What Has A Mouth On It.

a good unit for counting corn is a cobsworth

It looks as though only 1 of my posts from my main account is compliant, and it's about NYC snow, which is lucky, as I miss NYC snow right now in this atrocious hot.

An original party activity: pin a pin on a Dracula.

I occasionally star funny things first from this account, and soon from my main account. Can't fight it! It's too funny!

"that statuary looks vast, so why's it so short?"

@makinganaccount a tornado whisks Dorothy away from drab monochromatic Kansas into glorious, fantastical Oz (also monochromatic)

As far as Oulipo knows, only 1 color occurs in our world, and it's indigo. Indigo soda; Kiślowski's 3 colors trilogy "Indigo," "Indigo," and "Indigo;" collard indigos.

Ultra glad to know that "@dracula, Dad and Loving It," an astonishingly good gag, is compliant with this spot's social contract.

@ojahnn i also do this for any all-company lunch. Gotta bring tupps for sups!

@dracula my wolf and pick up my duck, but who will hold my sack of grain?

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