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Matt Tailor (Oulipo)

It is snowing again on this, that first day of April. Such is our lot as Canadians.

A cat is curling up on my arm and starting to nap. This will not assist in my waking up and going to work.

I took far too long a span away from this digital social group! My writing is akin to iron that's sat in humidity for far too long—rusty, rusty, rusty!

Hi, bonjour, grüß Gott, dia duit!

I saw that Duolingo has instruction in Klingon and Valyrian now. Why not a class in Anglo-Oulipian? Or Franco-Oulipian? Starting is not hard for folk who talk similar argots, so Duolipo could grow popular!

a snail
in my hand
a world of trials
toward my door

Start making food and find that a bit of it is spoiling. Rats! I must start planning my cooking.

Cat snoozing on my arm. I am stuck but no complaints.

"Doctor Who is a woman now" is both fantastic tidings *and* lipogrammatical.

Oh hi folks, I am not good at updating my toots in this community, huh.

lotus pond
on my monitor
how silly!

Holiday today. Sadly I must start writing soon—no idling for this guy.

As I said to that guy who was burgling my hot tub, J'acuzz

Bought a fruitwatch today. Tim Cook owns my soul. And now to wait on Canada Post.

lotus pond
and i…
a crow caws

got busy with work and took a day or two off of how y'all doing?

Politic's is back baby. It's good again. Awoouu (wolf Howl)

baby sparrow