Just saw I lost all my bots on twit dot com on Aug 17. Sigh. I want to fix my bots but lack opportunity to touch up my programming.

Gonna start a non-oulipo account, I think. I don’t want to abandon my oulipo account, but I think avoiding that fifth glyph is too much friction for a main account

Living with an infant, so a day is not two parts (snoozing and waking) but six or so.

*slaps roof of fractal*
This bad boy can fit so many bad boys in it

@mattlatailor it was a good walk! Lungs doing okay, and ashy odour is not so strong as it was

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Sky not as full of ash and soot today, which is good. It was not fun for my lungs last day, so I look forward to walking today.

*slaps roof of straw* this bad boy c- *it falls in*

*slaps roof of sticks* this bad boy can hold s- *it also falls in*

*slaps roof of bricks* this bad boy *slaps again* can hold so *slaps it with both hands* many pigs!!! >:0

Rach is singing a song from Angry Inch musical to our kid as a lullaby ☺️

Rainy Saturday sitting with my cats and snuggling. Happy day!

Having a blast playing with an rnn brought up on works from about 500 solar turns ago. Gonna work on this for a bit, build good output

Put an old PC back in working condition—14 months ago I last did boot it up. Windows? It took a long span installing data, it did.

Hi pals! Gonna try tooting again, but odds say I’ll fail at it 🙃

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