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i still do Danish duolingo occasionally 'cuz Danish is fun, and my dog still runs away if i try to talk Danish out loud.

@ranjit Just last night I was thinking about danishing it up again! But I might plan my 2018 vacation first, and pick a Duo class that fits my plan...

@ojahnn I will probably go back to Holland in 2018 and not to Danmark, but I think Danish is fun and Dutch is not, so I don’t study in a practical way.

@ranjit Oy, watch it! Dutch is SO much fun! It's similar to a drunk imitation to how I normally sound. 😁 And I'm thinking about Holland for vacation, too. It's an alluring possibility: not too costly or hard to go to from my location, good country for biking around in, probably lots of climbing gyms...

@ojahnn Okay, okay, I'll think about going back to Dutch Duo too. I can't say why Dutch irks!

@ranjit What say you and I both do a big round of Danish duo for six months, and follow it up by hanging out in Holland and chatting in awful chunks of bad Scandinavian

Matt Tailor (Oulipo) @mattlatailor

@ojahnn @ranjit Any folks up for an Irish Duolingo study group?