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*slaps roof of fractal*
This bad boy can fit so many bad boys in it

@mattlatailor it was a good walk! Lungs doing okay, and ashy odour is not so strong as it was

Sky not as full of ash and soot today, which is good. It was not fun for my lungs last day, so I look forward to walking today.

*slaps roof of straw* this bad boy c- *it falls in*

*slaps roof of sticks* this bad boy can hold s- *it also falls in*

*slaps roof of bricks* this bad boy *slaps again* can hold so *slaps it with both hands* many pigs!!! >:0

@ojahnn oh dang this brings up nostalgia for s-Bahn sandwich shops in Munich

Rach is singing a song from Angry Inch musical to our kid as a lullaby ☺️

@halishuman not at all! Rach and I didn’t say much on twits &c about it so most folks didn’t know

@ranjit oh cool! A squash is growing in our plant patch and I forgot what kind it is. I look forward to my unknown squash in a fortnight or so

Rainy Saturday sitting with my cats and snuggling. Happy day!

Having a blast playing with an rnn brought up on works from about 500 solar turns ago. Gonna work on this for a bit, build good output

Put an old PC back in working condition—14 months ago I last did boot it up. Windows? It took a long span installing data, it did.

Hi pals! Gonna try tooting again, but odds say I’ll fail at it 🙃

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Ambigram by B. Morin, CC BY-SA 4.0