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Matt Tailor (Oulipo) @mattlatailor

@ojahnn by contrast, I want to do up my work in that layout program by Photoshop's folks

lotus pond
on my monitor
how silly!

Holiday today. Sadly I must start writing soon—no idling for this guy.

@ojahnn sounds fairly busy, I'd say—not lazy at all. Filling forms is always draining.

As I said to that guy who was burgling my hot tub, J'acuzz

Bought a fruitwatch today. Tim Cook owns my soul. And now to wait on Canada Post.

lotus pond
and i…
a crow caws

@ojahnn I, too, must do a bunch of writing—I must show a total draft to my advisors soon!

@mlc @drilipobot It's not a bug, it's just forward looking now ;)

got busy with work and took a day or two off of how y'all doing?

Politic's is back baby. It's good again. Awoouu (wolf Howl)

@tully can a fan still find that work of IF? I want to play it but can't find it at all.

baby sparrow

link with fifth glyph Show additional

sunlit clouds
in my hand