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Matt Tailor (Oulipo)

lotus pond
on my monitor
how silly!

Holiday today. Sadly I must start writing soon—no idling for this guy.

As I said to that guy who was burgling my hot tub, J'acuzz

Bought a fruitwatch today. Tim Cook owns my soul. And now to wait on Canada Post.

lotus pond
and i…
a crow caws

got busy with work and took a day or two off of how y'all doing?

Politic's is back baby. It's good again. Awoouu (wolf Howl)

baby sparrow

link with fifth glyph Show additional

sunlit clouds
in my hand

sorting old books
walking all night
from a pond

hi oulipo! introducing @drilipobot, for automatically finding and sharing compliant posts from our pal dril. follow for lots of fun!

Today is sunny and hot (25ºC—yay!), so I am sipping a pint and writing. It is a good way to work.

Up as dawn cracks, only to find a cat sitting on my pillow. Hi, Faolán—do you want food or whatnot?

A sandal-clad NASA:
Too fat a foot

Hot day out today--20 C and it is still morning! Good lord, I want to work at a pub today.