Toot with a pin

Whoopsy, Daisy
Frowning half sunk in sand
I'm half crazy
All for your cold command

F8, a.k.a. Fast & Furiosa. Too ludicrous for my liking. I'm hoping for a back-to-basics approach in any forthcoming outings.

Why do folks call it "bdsm" and not "horny on pain"?

Should block boosts of toots containing invalid symbols?

Furious 7: Now it's basically a straight-up Bond flick (good action, too many gizmos), with Jason Statham as charismatic villain. Plus a touching "so long" to main actor Paul, who got in an actual IRL car crash. RIP.

Fast & Furious 6: kind of a disappointing follow-up to Fast 5's highs. Trying way too hard to outdo 5, it just turns out gratuitous (but in a bad way). Absurd macguffins stand in for natural motivation.

Singing "Hava Nagila" but with my own words: "chana masala"

Fast 5: all you could possibly want from a Fast & Furious flick. A train job, a bank job (almost), crazy stunts, all our pals from prior films, and introducing D. "Rock" Johnson as Lucius Hobbs.

Fast & Furious (2009), a.k.a 4 Fast 4 Furious: Finally, back to Dom and pals. Solid drama, but surprisingly unconvincing car stunts with too much VFX and shakycam.

High School Musical 3 (2008) is a prom-com.

I'm still missing Ultron, Civil War, Doctor S, and Captain M, but I think I'm okay with that for now.

I also caught up this month on various MCU films that I didn't watch in first-run:

- Thor: Ragnarok. Fun, funny, colorful. Would watch again.

- Galaxy Guardians vol. 2. Also funny, but occasionally trying too hard.

- Infinity War. Satisfying but frankly kind of a slog.

not including anthropomorphic cats nor humans in cat masks

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