Toot with a pin
Toot with a pin

Buying a Roku today so I can watch Hamilton tomorrow

Grids for Good: forty-four original crosswords by a group of authors raising funds for charity.

I did an old batch of charity crosswords by many constructors now participating in this, and found it top notch.

Satan’s Sudoku: Its only constraint is that any row, column, or diagonal must contain digits 6, 6, and 6.

Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young.

Long ago, our four nations sang in harmony

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@wikihow But what if... I buy fast food and pass it off as my own cooking...

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*slaps roof of catacomb* this bad boy can fit so many casks of amontillado in it

Had to abort my plans to go abroad but I’m taking a vacation from work anyways.

What with cops going door to door looking for social distancing violations, I’m planning my upcoming party as a mask-or-raid ball.

Food plan for tonight: dal (from scratch) and samosas (that I bought). And possibly a salad, if I’m not in a lazy mood.

Sought Kubla Khan in Xanadu
Just to watch him scry

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I shot a man’s arduino
Just to watch it fry

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Today’s book: “Martian“ (that book in a film of which Matt Damon plays its titular Martian).


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Unusual situation: Two coinciding lockdowns in my city now. Trying to stay doubly indoors.

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