Toot with a pin
Toot with a pin

Pacific Rim 🤝 Fast & Furious 3
solving all things by “drifting”

"crypto" 👏 is 👏 short 👏 for 👏 cryptozoology

TV show about outfitting Scottish gals with suits of armor:

Cuirass for a Straight Lass

shout out to my rad pals
shout rad to my out pals

I’m scryoungry (young, scrappy, and hungry)

Updating QWRTL with additional options thanks to contributors to chordbug's GitHub:

Sadly, old summons links don’t work right with this word list shift.

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Did a bit of curation to ourdl's list of words. Also, thinking of changing its branding to "QWRTL."

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I got shot 3 about 15 hours ago. Now my arm hurts so bad and my body is slightly warm.

So this morning I knock a full bag of corn starch onto my floor as I try to grab a box of grain. It falls a long way down, and bursts on impact, blasting corn starch all around. Coating half of my floor and part of a wall with corn starch.

Today is my child's first day of high school. Also, first day in a school building in 18 months. Thinking about how many habits our family built up around staying in as a group for such a long duration.

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