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If you look long into @abliss, @abliss also looks into you.

WHO IS DOXXING DRIL?? don't dox dril

All I want is a giant blimp with a glass-bottom Olympic swimming pool so I can look down on clouds as I swim laps. Is that so much to ask?

I go through socks so fast, I should probably find and buy all-natural socks that I can compost.

Got a crown for my tooth today. My tooth doctor now has a cool 3D imaging and CAD/CAM mill that allows a final crown to go in right away (without taking a cast, installing a provisional crown, mailing cast to a lab, and waiting a fortnight for a follow-up to install a final crown).

I'm good at many sports, including waif-listing and lift-waiting.

Salutations from zombo.com. This is zombo.com. Salutations. You can do anything at zombo.com. Anything at all. No limits but your own. Zombo.com.

Back to work today, post-vacation. Had a good four days with family in NY.

And I may find you living in a shotgun shack
And I may find you in a distant part of our world
And I may find you driving a roomy motorcar
And I may may find you in a good-looking mansion
With a good-looking husband
And you may think out loud, "So, how did I attain this?!"

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Java works OK sans fifth glyph. You can work with for, if, int, long, char, String and arrays (no ability to ask for a count of things, though, kind of tricky), float, function calls , and class (but no class construction). Infamous "public static void main(String[] args)" start point will work. Calculation with also works. try/catch is OK but virtually no class to say with our constraint. Also, no subclassing of any sort - good or bad?

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A proposal from my child: This form should go "bloop" aloud right away, if I put a taboo symbol into it.

I think I'll just call my romantic companion by an initial, "S.", from now on.

Any cryptic crossword fans around? My, um, romantic companion (consort? woman with whom I savor matrimonial bliss?) and I do two or so daily.

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Watch out for dolphins. Bad things, dolphins! Don't trust a dolphin!

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Writing without fifth glyph brings to mind that familiar difficulty of writing or talking in words of a land not my own. Am I solitary in that?

As our aircraft is taxiing towards a runway, it has to stop for a bit. A small child, loudly: "Did it stop flying?!"

I'm all about that bass, 'bout that bass, no alto

For a snack, a child on my flight today had just a cold hot dog (no bun, no catsup or mustard or anything). Now I kind of want that too...

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Today I took a hot iron, oscillator, and sundry tools to an old Parisian calculator and information display, hoping to draw forth its unsung story and thus again grant it function.