Toot with a pin
Toot with a pin

“How low can you go?” is a lousy thing to say to a guy in Limbo.

My MCU ship is Falcon/Bucky, known for short as... umm, I’ll go with “Balcony”

Pronunciation of “wlw” and “mlm”: “Willow” and “Malmö”

“Whitman” is short for “Walt Hitman”

mbrubck boosts

Santa Baby
Santa Baby
Riding on a pig
Santa Baby

My family got to go on a two-night camping trip! It was in a cabin at what is normally my kid's camp, on Vashon Island, WA.

How to camp nowadays: Sign-in and sign-out by SMS. Only six family groups at camp on any particular day. A family has its own cabin with its own bathrooms and picnic location. No obligation to go within two yards of anybody at any occasion.

Margo M. Mammogram, palindromic originator of mammogram scans

Out of curiosity: Do any Hispanic lands contain tombs/statuary with inscriptions in faux-old-Roman writing, such that “Juan” turns into “IVAN”?

food, alcohol 

I call this “Zoom Happy Hour in a Box”

any oulipian born post-1993 can’t talk to dolphin. all you know is mcdonald’s, fast and furious, paint snails, climb rocks, drink hot soup, look upon works & cry

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