Today is my child's first day of high school. Also, first day in a school building in 18 months. Thinking about how many habits our family built up around staying in as a group for such a long duration.

mbrubck boosts

bah -> blah
crumby -> crumbly
girding -> girdling
starting -> startling
Lo! -> LOL
DIY day -> dilly-dally

@nv Fun! For my part, I’m finally trying Moby Dick.

“How low can you go?” is a lousy thing to say to a guy in Limbo.

My MCU ship is Falcon/Bucky, known for short as... umm, I’ll go with “Balcony”

Pronunciation of “wlw” and “mlm”: “Willow” and “Malmö”

“Whitman” is short for “Walt Hitman”

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