Why is it “Kung Fu Panda” and not “Fight Cub”?

"What if Samus Aran was a cat?" Find out in Gato Roboto. Stylish, fairly amusing for its short duration, but all in all, not that inspiring. 3/5.


@fifty_shads It's my paradigm and I'll do this thing if I want to

@fifty_shads Anastasia, you gotta pick your analogy and stick with it

As I saw you partying and wasting your days at a gym, I was studying FORTRAN. And now, with barbarians knocking down your door, you ask for my aid?

You think writing an "&" sign is tricky? Buddy,

I'm practicing writing kanji with a crappy ballpoint and now I know why all of Japan is so into quality writing tools.

Old: Making local and cloud backups of all my important data.

Bold: Abandoning my wish for an illusion of stability. Knowing that all things will pass from this world.

Oulipo’s auxiliary lingo is known as ’Spranto. Ĉu vi parolas ĝin?

old: mountain climbing
bold: massif attack

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