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This ain’t no party
This ain’t no disco
This ain’t no fooling around

"Thirty pants from Gryffindor!"
*thirty gryffindors’ pants vanish*

mbrubck boosts

old: batman is fascist
bold: tom nook is a capitalist
sold: tom nook is batman

You can’t say “socially distant” without “soi-disant.”

mbrubck boosts

Pi instant is towards start of that window, but it’s hard to say just at what point.

Burnt my hand on a hot pot lid, making Hoppin’ John tonight. It’s just a minor burn, but still annoying.

coronavirus, hypochondria 

Probably nothing, and my body is mostly all good by now, but now I'm paranoid about if I'm transmitting anything bad to anybody.

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coronavirus, hypochondria 

So, I took a trip to San Francisco last Thursday–Saturday, and got badly sick in slightly similar ways to COVID-19. Today, CDC confirms north California has an occasion of coronavirus transmission with "unknown origin" (that is, not from abroad, nor contact with any known victim). Cool cool cool.

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