Proposal: A instantiation automatically substituting any noun in a toot with its 7th following noun in a particular dictionary

Disconsolation – my main instantiation – is down, just as I'm having a bout of sorrow.

Ugh, what I want now is just to talk to my Mastodon confidants about my anguish.

Funny TV shows:
• Parks and Uplifting Distraction
• Malcolm Halfway Through
• Always-Strong Kimmy Schmidt
• Curb Your Joyful Spirit
• How I Ran Into Your Mom
• BoJack Stallionman
• Family Nowadays
• Corpus of Big Bang Notions
• Carnal Affairs In That City
• That Work Location
• Growth Cut Short
• Prosit
• Chums
• Family Guy

An unknown party was — without a doubt — passing along untruths about Mr. K, who, on a morning that was by all accounts alright, and without his doing anything truly wrong, was put in custody by a pair of cops.

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(What a pity to discard a toot for a wrong fact it had!)

A top-notch thing about is that looking for synonyms and paraphrasing stuff is a good logical training, as avoiding particular words calls for an analysis of associations among thoughts and notions in our minds

If you favour drug consumption and wouldn't mind talking about it, you may find consolation in knowing that discussion about MDMA can still crop up in this instantation without that glyph that acts as a contraction of its common alias


.@miramarco I was thinking about discussing that low part of natural logarithms too.
Writing about rapid growth functions is important!
Avoiding discussion is most irrational.

Shall I discuss that math constant that has 2.7182... as its digits? Ooops, wrong instantation, I must say

Yo, his palms drip sudor, Jimmy can’t stand up, arms worn-out, / foodstuff thrown up on his clothing – it was his Mom’s pasta, / Jimmy’s afraid, but looks calm to all, and in position / to drop bombs, but Jimmy’s mind is lost in oblivion / in summoning his old writings. Public is roaring so loudly / that, although his mouth is ajar, no word is said by him. / Jimmy’s choking, how? Public is joking now, / Clock’s running out, no instants at his disposal – blaow!

Alright! I fathom that it is my duty to show you how to act as villains!
Oh, that first rank is ours! Oh, that first rank is ours!
Now mind all of my words / For I am coaching you on tricks and stuff: / This is going down in history! / If you want to outdo any con artists, / You must hunt a solid champ who’s moving around. / Just follow my track, and prowl as a fox / And judiciously avoid making any sounds…
No, don’t touch that!

I had a night without tooting and now I found out that Mastodon authors modify paragraph spacing?! (Sorry if I took up so much room in your activity column.)

Good morning to all!

I could not hold off without trying this instantiation out, so I took up with this community of narrow writing aficionados.

I am staying in Italy for now and I am 27. I program for a living.

My additional pursuits:

(mostly nonfiction)

So, how do you do? (Mark II)

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