making it cost US$23 to bring a car into Manhattan: good plan or totally fabulous plan?

oho, look at 6-down on sunday's NYT crossword

uspol, info for pals in NY-10 district (downtown manhattan, dumbo, park hill, crimson hook, sundown park) ONLY 

Pls think about going for Yuh-Līn Niou in August's primary voting. Ms Niou is doing a lot of good work in Albany and should, IMO, win an opportunity to try to do things in Washington.

Ms. P. Molloy put dril's famous post about fucking flags into an AI which can draw art. This is that art.

(You can also follow this link to birdspot and look at a chain of dril's posts inspiring that art bot:)

digitloving did a short film on OuLiPo and 100,000,000,000,000 bits of rhyming

a comic showing how to do an abortion with privacy by using pills, if you or anybody you know might want that, and why it's important

oops sorry @allvalidwords wasn't working for a month or so, but it's back now i think

mlc boosts

a man fifty dollars--fifty dollars; just think of it!--if

happy Thursday and/or Thanksgiving to all

a thing i did today 

i got a haircut, which is a thing i did not do for ca. 12 months, so i had i lot of chaos going on

fruit food 

doing what j. a. prufrock could only think about doing

our work on is still ongoing, until a hummus photo bot is in action

i don't know what is going on in this film but if you know about mining and crafting and omitting symbols, you might follow it

Ms. C. Manning is on a podcast to talk to you about mans, plans, and canals!

I think nobody is using as an API, but if anybody is and I forgot, lmk so I can 'splain you a minor modification I did last night.

[using on its www spot should still go okay]

rumor has it that you want to look at 100% Top-notch Bowls today:

[glyphs at link]

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