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I'm talking about, um, “Act-Again Nativ” at Droidcon NYC this August; stop by and say hi if you want.

I'm talking about, um, “Act-Again Nativ” at Droidcon NYC this August; stop by and say hi if you want.

i put my aircon in my window last night and now i don't want to go outdoors

la inmigración Show additional

la inmigración Show additional

advising folks who want docs I'm writing for a softwary thing: Look on my words, you mighty, and start to panic

now, all night long,
charly's riding through stations,
crying, “what might tomorrow hold?
how can i afford to visit
siblings in Winthrop,
or cousins in Roxbury?”


charly's pals go down
to that gov't hq station
daily, at half past two
and through a trolly window,
toss charly a sandwich
as his train is rumbling through!


now, kind folks of Boston,
don't you think it's a scandal
how all of us must pay and pay?
fight this un-fair toll!
pick Walt O'Brian
so Charly's off our M.T.A.

idk if oulipo is gdpr-compliant, but gdpr is oulipo-compliant, so, okay

ok: a story of a snail -- charly -- on a tragic, important day:
snail puts six coins in his snants*, hugs its pals & family,
starts a trip on that M.T.A.

but is that snail back now? no, it's not back now,
and its path is still unknown,
it may go for always, on railways of boston,
it's that snail who didn't go back

charly hands in his coins at that m.i.t. station,
and wants to go to jamaica plain,
but on arrival a conductor says "pay 5¢ now, too"
charly's now stuck on that train!

* snail pants

🎶 “Not Using It,” by A. Huang

our rivals in dolphin town got a working SSL config again

“I don't particularly attach much import to a Platonic ‘workman’ in a bougy communist's mind, but if I look upon an actual IRL workman in conflict with his natural opposing party, a cop, I do not stop to ask my own mind which I support.” — G. Orgood, _Laudation to Catalonia_

Happy פּסח‎‎ and/or pascha to folks who hallow such days!

my spot now allows you to show ISO8601 hours in UTC, your local zonal timing, or any zonal timing you want, AND ALSO swatch's odd split-a-day-into-1000 bits timing, and (as @volt4ire wants) an old français thing of splitting days up into 10 hours.

it's too much.

props to our oulipo bots, sitting without words (and what is a posting bot if it can not post?) for a month, waiting to inform us again about snails or Ahab, and coming back without any prompting or anything.

oh look! @joy, who I work with, is on our born-again Oulipo now!

a man at Tompkins Sq. Park this morning was asking for folks to sign to put him on a ballot this fall. “okay, why not?” I said — but this was, it looks, so unusual that it took a lot of looking about for a writing tool until I could actually sign!

glad to gain again this social spot! what, oulipals, did you do during our month apart? did you visit any oblast shown in color on this map? if it's not gray, you can talk about it!

i was just noticing: our toasting apparatus at work has buttons for toasting a baygl… i think it must contain that PT8A2514 chip (or a pair of such chips!) which @phooky was looking for

finally, a bit of organizing for our only political program worth supporting: full-automation luxury gay spatial communism! (via birdspot at