🎶 gay compliant hallalujah 🎶 

wait. is this actually gonna go through? if you want a flat in ny, all you gotta pay is your monthly cost, no giant $$ to a middlman?? mind blown. oulipo.link/19hi5f

that nypd was writing up not as many ‘moving violations’ for trucks as for cyclists in 2019 oulipo.link/nWtYtU

always cook hummus 

always cook hummus 

always cook hummus 

always cook hummus 

רויט, גרין און ווייַס. מזל ניטל!


hoping oulipals from utc ± all amounts dig chatting about nyc bars as much as i (living in nyc but don't actually drink all that much) do

happy guy fawks night, if you stan bombing Britain's Housing of Commons

[photo cw: glyphs]

why is this Duolingo's first instruction in a word for “to touch”

happy autumn! (or happy spring, south-world folks)

work, coding (+) 

my gradualist political program for transportation:
1. ban cars from oulipo
2. ban cars from nyc (and sf?)
3. gotta catch 'm all

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