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a man fifty dollars--fifty dollars; just think of it!--if

happy Thursday and/or Thanksgiving to all

a thing i did today 

i got a haircut, which is a thing i did not do for ca. 12 months, so i had i lot of chaos going on

fruit food 

doing what j. a. prufrock could only think about doing

our work on is still ongoing, until a hummus photo bot is in action

i don't know what is going on in this film but if you know about mining and crafting and omitting symbols, you might follow it

Ms. C. Manning is on a podcast to talk to you about mans, plans, and canals!

I think nobody is using as an API, but if anybody is and I forgot, lmk so I can 'splain you a minor modification I did last night.

[using on its www spot should still go okay]

rumor has it that you want to look at 100% Top-notch Bowls today:

[glyphs at link]

bot apology 

i found a list of "bad words" and ran it on @allvalidwords' past posts and it is mostly flagging français posts that say "dix", which is… not what i want

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bot apology 

just now @allvalidwords did a toot that it should not do. this toot is now in discard status. i will try to look into how to stop it from doing that sort of thing.

[thx @ranjit for a noggins-up]

us (nyc) pol 

hi nyc oulipals, anybody thinking of voting in our mayoral primary to pick how to say adiós to bill d. blasio?

you must put your info down as 'D Party'. and, if your info is down as any non-D party (or no party at all) you only can modify your party info until 02/14.

this sucks! i am not a fan! but, still, you should think about doing this, as in nyc, primary voting is usually our most important kind of voting.

go to to do this modification if you want.

food (v, dairy) 

King Arthur commands all his vassals to cook cinnamon rolls in 2021, and who am I to fail to follow this law?

mlc boosts

If it is good for any, it is good for all. I am a Socialist

mlc boosts

food (v), taxonomy 

i was gonna put "non-hummus" in my CW, but is sambhar a hummus? it's dal soup. so. i don't know anything.

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food (v) 

vada, sambhar, coconut. south indian morning food but i'm not making all of this in a morning so it's night food today.

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