hoping oulipals from utc ± all amounts dig chatting about nyc bars as much as i (living in nyc but don't actually drink all that much) do

@mlc i who also don't actually drink all that much plan on continuing this talk anyway

that bar which is almost "burp fortifications" is good and allllmost compliant up to that last bit

@mlc that bit in which burp castl bar gals and bar guys shush you if you talk about oulipo too loud, that's not okay

@ranjit proposal: burp castl has a night in which you can talk as loud as you want, but only with 25 glyphs

@mlc @ranjit if you talk using that unknown 27th glyph, you drink as much as you want and nobody asks you to pay

also, you can only drink blood and can't find a way out


@phooky @ranjit danish folk (å, ø) vacationing in nyc all want gratis drinks but can't find out how to go out of this bar, nobody can call an ambassador's building (nor a consul's) for aid, it's chaos

@mlc @ranjit castl walls not built to ward danish folks out, but to trap danish folk *in*

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