idk if i did _that much_ cooking tonight but it was an amount such that i can't put all my pots & pans &c. into my dishwashing apparatus

@mlc that is my situation on ANY night (cuz i got no dishwashing apparatus 😿)

@ranjit I got a flat with such a thing about 12 months ago (first such flat in my adult living) and wow it is a good thing to put in a flat

@mlc it is! and a fabric washing apparatus would also. (i also got no such thing 😿😿)

@ranjit yup no such luxury in my building 😿

@mlc @ranjit

Our flat also lacks both, on account of it was originally built in 1964. But 7 days ago I bought a small fabric washing apparatus off amazon. You can put its drain tubing into your sink, & fill it by just pouring liquid down into it (this is a hack, and plays badly with its washing programs b/c it's "stuck" trying to pump liquid until you aid it, but it works). So no installation! Probably a violation of flat contract though.

@mlc my spousal unit won't allow putting pots & pans into our apparatus - too risky that things might scratch or rust

@ojahnn @mlc I just can't fit my pots in ours, so handwashing it is

@phooky @ojahnn @mlc [picturing my 16 quart stock pot] this is a tiny dishwashing box or a ✨gigantic✨ pot

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