Ms. P. Molloy put dril's famous post about fucking flags into an AI which can draw art. This is that art.

(You can also follow this link to birdspot and look at a chain of dril's posts inspiring that art bot:)

fruit food 

doing what j. a. prufrock could only think about doing

food (v, dairy) 

King Arthur commands all his vassals to cook cinnamon rolls in 2021, and who am I to fail to follow this law?

food (v) 

vada, sambhar, coconut. south indian morning food but i'm not making all of this in a morning so it's night food today.

always photograph hummus (a bit dark) 

it's still 2020 and now it's cold and dark. hummus is not art today. hummus is ground up chana, in a big batch.

but still, our laws command: always photograph.

rumor is that it's post a photo of your rug day on oulipo dot social

taxonomy, a.p.h.? 

is chana masala a form of chunky hummus????

food (100% plant) 

i did a try at making a masala dosa. it's… okay.

always photograph hummus? 

a dark world? try baking a black loaf of pain.

food (lacto-v) 

baking crusty food with dairy and a bit of sichuan chili oil

always photograph hummus 

nothing to do today (or tomorrow or…) but cook. my first batch of pita and i think it's not bad!

רויט, גרין און ווייַס. מזל ניטל!


i'm trying baking a loaf of _pain_ and i think it's okay for a first try!

[photo cw: glyphs]

why is this Duolingo's first instruction in a word for “to touch”

always photograph hummus 

i had kala chana in my flat so i did up a batch of "black" hummus, taking instructions from

you say tom, i say tom

(photo: Manjith Kainickara on Flickr, CC-BY-ND)

I'm finally going back to NYC and this airport thoughtfully is using an oulipo-compliant way of naming that city!

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