food (lacto-v) 

always photograph hummus 

רויט, גרין און ווייַס. מזל ניטל!


[photo cw: glyphs]

why is this Duolingo's first instruction in a word for “to touch”

always photograph hummus 

you say tom, i say tom

(photo: Manjith Kainickara on Flickr, CC-BY-ND)

I'm finally going back to NYC and this airport thoughtfully is using an oulipo-compliant way of naming that city!

hi, i didn't say anything on this spot for a fortnight. you might want to know why: i was in 🇦🇶 antarctica 🇦🇶

this app "lang drops" (that i'm trying for practicing Spanish vocab) wants you to say "almond" if you look upon this glyph, but i think it looks as if it was an 🍆?

🎶 you said, “it's snowing, it's snowing! god I'm hating this situation”

glad to gain again this social spot! what, oulipals, did you do during our month apart? did you visit any oblast shown in color on this map? if it's not gray, you can talk about it!

i was just noticing: our toasting apparatus at work has buttons for toasting a baygl… i think it must contain that PT8A2514 chip (or a pair of such chips!) which @phooky was looking for

finally, a bit of organizing for our only political program worth supporting: full-automation luxury gay spatial communism! (via birdspot at

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