rumor is that it's post a photo of your rug day on oulipo dot social

taxonomy, a.p.h.? 

is chana masala a form of chunky hummus????

food (100% plant) 

i did a try at making a masala dosa. it's… okay.

always photograph hummus? 

a dark world? try baking a black loaf of pain.

food (lacto-v) 

baking crusty food with dairy and a bit of sichuan chili oil

always photograph hummus 

nothing to do today (or tomorrow or…) but cook. my first batch of pita and i think it's not bad!

רויט, גרין און ווייַס. מזל ניטל!


i'm trying baking a loaf of _pain_ and i think it's okay for a first try!

[photo cw: glyphs]

why is this Duolingo's first instruction in a word for “to touch”

always photograph hummus 

i had kala chana in my flat so i did up a batch of "black" hummus, taking instructions from

you say tom, i say tom

(photo: Manjith Kainickara on Flickr, CC-BY-ND)

I'm finally going back to NYC and this airport thoughtfully is using an oulipo-compliant way of naming that city!

hi, i didn't say anything on this spot for a fortnight. you might want to know why: i was in 🇦🇶 antarctica 🇦🇶

this app "lang drops" (that i'm trying for practicing Spanish vocab) wants you to say "almond" if you look upon this glyph, but i think it looks as if it was an 🍆?

🎶 you said, “it's snowing, it's snowing! god I'm hating this situation”

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