you spin us right round, baby, right round
as a digit climbs, right round, round, round

uspol, info for pals in NY-10 district (downtown manhattan, dumbo, park hill, crimson hook, sundown park) ONLY 

Pls think about going for Yuh-Līn Niou in August's primary voting. Ms Niou is doing a lot of good work in Albany and should, IMO, win an opportunity to try to do things in Washington.

Ms. P. Molloy put dril's famous post about fucking flags into an AI which can draw art. This is that art.

(You can also follow this link to birdspot and look at a chain of dril's posts inspiring that art bot:) twitter.com/ParkerMolloy/statu

@ranjit @tallbox @nv truly our cosmology contains multitudinous things

@nv i got a malaysian kopitiam in my hood, and it is good, but not this long list of options from so many lands!

digitloving did a short film on OuLiPo and 100,000,000,000,000 bits of rhyming youtube.com/watch?v=9RvqE1CQXf

a comic showing how to do an abortion with privacy by using pills, if you or anybody you know might want that, and why it's important thenib.com/self-managed-aborti

@KNTRO ¿quizás usamos la ortografía con 'x'?


@digitalthan happy all nations' working folks day!

@quasihaiku oh quasi nobody's locking down bots, your covid misinfo is out of hand

@rjl20 @oddhack yup, drilipo bot is still watching and waiting for its opportunity to post (but, as oddhack says, it is not a translation bot)

@joshly just 9 days of singapura april fun to go through first

oops sorry @allvalidwords wasn't working for a month or so, but it's back now i think

food comparison chart 

@ranjit hard-hitting journalism with community sourcing, on oulipo dot social

food i want 

@ranjit lucky for you, I'm told by good sourcing (you) that taïm is in your hood nowadays


@ranjit taïm!!!! a good day for your hood

@parkr ahab wants to know how to do just that

@ranjit tfw you just can not grasp how it is STILL 2020

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