@bonf as much fish as you want tbh, but i think you can't buy it now that fasting is going on russanddaughterscafe.com/high-

@ranjit just A. Huang's "Not Using It" on loop for two fortnights, or a bunch of tracks with no vocals?

brb gonna go to Nuxalk school so I can put any words I want onto this spot nuxalknation.ca/community/nuxa

@allvalidwords dunno how Lisbon is giving typography a boost, but it's cool that you can say so both in Lisbonish talk and in Londonish


so sad to know that David G. (author of "Bullshit Jobs" &c.) now isn't with us.

try quashing a billion airs in his honor.

@autojahnn i don't know if that's a mayor's task as such, but ok, it's not that busy of a job, why not?

@joshly 🚨 caution! 🚨

if you say to our sun that its going down is good, it will do this a lot and in just a fortnight or two it will not go up as much as it's going down!

food; back of my fridgificator 

@digitalthan grits can act as an italian food if you call it by a noncompliant word


@joshly All Moons Amazingly Good

rumors of a missing 3rd hummus photo continuing to haunt oulipo dot social to this day

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