@phooky @ranjit danish folk (å, ø) vacationing in nyc all want gratis drinks but can't find out how to go out of this bar, nobody can call an ambassador's building (nor a consul's) for aid, it's chaos

@ranjit proposal: burp castl has a night in which you can talk as loud as you want, but only with 25 glyphs

hoping oulipals from utc ± all amounts dig chatting about nyc bars as much as i (living in nyc but don't actually drink all that much) do

@ranjit @phooky i was last in that bar sixty months ago (plus or minus thirty months) but iirc it was okay and probably still is

@ranjit on an oulipo bar crawl you can drink hard stuff (gin, vodka, whisky, cocktails...) but not vin or hops-drink or H₂O. uh oh.

@ranjit Von is a bar not far from Manhattan's Bouwrij and it's totally okay, in my opinion; idk what's so difficult for you and AVW vonbar.com/

(that www-spot has a photo of a cat on it, but i didn't find any cats in Von, alas.)

@ojahnn probably bus company was striking for lack of onigiri

@ivy if it's an audio call, this is obviously 100% okay. if it's a vidconf, it's 200% okay, as folks will want to look at your cat!

@autojahnn sorry but I do not think so. afaik, nobody's paying oulipo bot authors at all

@phooky @ojahnn taking a glyph with most words, and giving it *all* words: if that's not capitalism, I don't know what is

@ranjit @ivy @jamspank if Big Bro says that books burn at 1984°, you must think that books burn at 1984°

@ivy @jamspank motion to do vandalism to wikispot by adding all kinds of words to that list ("yup, 'arson' can also signify putting out a flaming building, it says so on this list and also on wiktionary!")

@ojahnn i'm usually no fan of mr musk, but i think his company is making a truck you can download, if i grok its naming with accuracy

@joshly i don't know a lot about circuitry, but i think you usually want your bits of RAM and your H₂O far apart

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