@nv @KNTRO no vamos a hablar d si nos gusta pizza con piña o no

gutn Rutsch ins shana ḥadasha 5783

bad tidings folks! i was waiting in a Q for 16 hours to look upon our monarch. but upon finishing that wait and arriving, our monarch was FUCKIN NOT LIVING!!!!!!

@joshly @casey woot dot com, that's a spot i hadn't thought about in many many months

@joshly «¡nunca jamás!», as is said in Castilian

gaming, birdspot link 

a gaming app (in 2023) in which you must go about making words but you only got just 1 of Anton Vowl's pals ('i') to start with oulipo.link/QTDaqG

@starlit @nv discord: it's not slack, and that's good

@ranjit why do you want to ax hbombguy? what did that guy do to you?

@ojahnn @ranjit pining for it's... canals? Dublin's got canals, right?

@ranjit what if you put hummus and a do-not-photograph food in a bowl? you must both photograph it and not photograph it? absurd! thus, no do-not-photograph foods ∎

making it cost US$23 to bring a car into Manhattan: good plan or totally fabulous plan? oulipo.link/3MAw02

@joshly an ironic fact is that Amtrak has no trains to Corning

@joshly is this... on amtrak? or can you just go to a shop and buy an amtrak dish?

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