@ranjit climactic changing is bringing us an odd world

@youzicha good thing it's so unusual for la migra to fuck anything up. ummmmmmmm. but, congrats!

@ranjit but nyc is famously a city without snoozing

@joshly @kit

FOLKS SAY: Johnny G corpus is 1400 KiB

TRUTH: It's 6.85 GB

FOLKS SAY: A script to toot it out nonstop is "quick"

TRUTH: It's 219 loc of JS with 💪 STRONG TYPING 💪 using a MIGHTY AMAZON to run

FOLKS SAY: author of @allvalidwords is a kid

TRUTH: nobody thinks i'm still a kid


@jamspank @joshly @kit a man from Mainz who is famous for making a first mass-printing apparatus

@tully oulipo dot social has a signup box which anybody* can fill out

* anybody without that symbol, anyhow

@ranjit @digitalthan you can fit two and a third TTDY acronyms on a standard full 42U rack

@prawnwarp his rival — Ms. J. Jacobs — is cool in many ways, though

@kit okay but first can i also buy a box of food? i want you to ship it to my flat on a fortnightly basis and put lots of plastic in it too

@allvalidwords ok yup most nations print stamps, this is not that smart of a thing to point out


@ranjit tips for cooking hummus i got to know in 2019:

* cook your chana for "too long" so it's so soft
* also run your food smashing machina for "too long"
* using citric acid, not citrus liquid, is good if you don't wanna scarf down all your hummus as soon as you cook it but want it to stay good for (say) two or four or six days

@quaad i know that this is normal for January, but, still, ugh

scraping toots 

@sculpin it's good to know how to find good in bad things, i think

@autojahnn what kind of bad doctor did you find who would do surgary to your 3-drink-having mom??? you can't go about blaming this on computing, this is all on humanity (FOR NOW).

@starlit @ranjit is my math right? did… you post this toot at 4:20pm in your local tz?

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