@allvalidwords it's not top among ways to stop malaria, but you might think it's most tasty

@dracula so what's wrong with taking back-roads? you won't know if you don't go (go!), you ain't bright if you don't glow

@starlit @bonf I'm a bit afraid of spots in which a map of snails/km³ is radically dissimilar to a map of snails/km² (how many sky snails can you know about without panicking?)

@ojahnn @starlit do you usually do filing tasks by command prompt or drag-and-drop? Linux SFTP command prompt is built in, but I admit I don't actually know how to do it with a GUI

a computational graph's gloss of SMALL CAL 

@joshly @rjl20 @bonf um, das ist nicht Bundt, das ist nur 1 Pfund Honig

@rjl20 @bonf i don't know much about baking, but i'm thinking you can cook up many many bundts with that much dark sugar syrup?

@mbrubck wait um is this a toot about wanting to fuck kanji? and, if so, "fuck kanji!" in a _ya basta_ way, or "mmmm, fuck kanji" in a horny way?


@starlit @joshly no month is a good month for having matzah

@ouloco You can try using toot syntax, such as URLs, hastags, and at-symbols

@ojahnn I'm saying that as G.P. thought it was okay to say what G.P. stands for on any copy of A Void, so too you can say what a stair stands for on yours

@starlit it's always this hot, in that sub's opinion

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