@allvalidwords that's a bit scary. go away or a court will do it.

@ranjit only if you now know how to say all things in all nations


@molly dunno if i know what "calm" us politics is anyhow

mlc boosts

food (v), taxonomy 

i was gonna put "non-hummus" in my CW, but is sambhar a hummus? it's dal soup. so. i don't know anything.

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food (v) 

vada, sambhar, coconut. south indian morning food but i'm not making all of this in a morning so it's night food today.

@alison @molly hmmm bringing an additional way to "go buff" if you don't wanna work out at a gym

@ranjit although i'm not usually down with whaling ships, i'm down with this alt-history in which folks on NZ whaling ships would drink chai with cardamom and such

@ranjit i think tahini can last about as long as you want it to last, and soom brand says so too soomfoods.com/how-to-store-tah but tbh my usual hummus ratio is 1 jar tahini in a batch so i don't own not-shut jars all that much. try a small amount and if it's still tasting good, it's probably still good?

bot archival data updating! 

As you might know, @allvalidwords has an archival listing at words.oulipo.link/ if you want to know what book a toot is from or similar sorts of info. Now, that spot is split up by month, so you don't load thousands of toots if you don't want to load thousands of toots.

JS coding for this is at github.com/mlc/all-words-app if you want.

@allvalidwords two kinds of folks: with and without apostroph'

@joshly no photos of snails on springs (going boing)????

happy 2nd Christmas Holiday if that's a holiday in your Land (or if it isn't but you want a happy day anyhow)

@mxsparks luckily (?) it's 25°C in my flat so i'm not doing this

@ranjit how many snails you got? if a lot, you can buy snai.ls

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