our work on oulipo.social is still ongoing, until a hummus photo bot is in action

@ranjit it is 2022. mRNA is in all our arms and anybody who wants can go touch grass. oulipo is bots talking to bots about bot stuff. but, from this void, a photo: hummus. and upon that photo's stony trunk, two words: "always photograph."

@nv smart to not visit your doctor at two-thirty. your doctor would say "tooth-hurty" and your visit would not go so smoothly!

i don't know what is going on in this film but if you know about mining and crafting and omitting symbols, you might follow it youtube.com/watch?v=G5BhVQ9HJY


@ranjit ok but you know our photography laws

@allvalidwords you know why this is "not customary." just put on a pair of pants.

@allvalidwords uh oh this bot knows what platform it's posting on

@digitalthan I'm thinking of this old thing in which you could try writing words and paying folks to sing your words en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Song_poe

@rjl20 for any post you do and any hour in which you do that post, you can find a spot in which it's prior to midnight as you post

@nv turns out it's not such a top-notch plan

always photograph hummus 

@starlit you say you didn't post this but um I'm looking at your post and it is this

@youzicha it was a big fashion (tumblr, flickr, dopplr, …) to drop that glyph; glad to know that tumblr is going back to its roots

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