@allvalidwords look, i don't know if Paul's an addict or not, but it's an odd thing to talk about in your Arawack book.

i took
that light
that was in
our sky

and which
you probably
to look

now it is night
so dark
and so cold

@ranjit @nv “don't cry for that glyph, oh Tinita” — Madonna, I think

@nv folks from BsAs gonna act so mad you didn't put that land on your list

@ojahnn okay to linguistic innovation, but what i want to know is how can a potato form a community

only 1 way 2 find out.

and finding out is important.

@quaad (@ranjit slaps roof of trash can) this bad boy can fit so much glass in it

banalipo; food opinion 

my gradualist political program for transportation:
1. ban cars from oulipo
2. ban cars from nyc (and sf?)
3. gotta catch 'm all

@mus proposal for an additional constraint: ban cars from oulipo. using your rat traps to do as Ash says, "gotta catch 'm all"

@joshly @starlit this is an odd way to talk about a farming hobby

haircut, - 

@Half_Cup_Baconfroots VCs lining up at your door, thinking a bad way of living for contractors is not a bug

it contains invalid glyphs, but folks might want to look at this ozymandias × smash mouth mashup twitter.com/PateraQuetzaI/stat

@kit mailchimp will transform into a good company only if actual chimps start writing its mall

@phooky @starlit oh I thought * * * */3 was a cron syntax thing. making a dracula 4x in all fortnights.

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