@prawnwarp @ojahnn you *think* this is just joking, but: iSi shows you how to cook Andalusian Gazpacho oulipo.link/oWOILQ

I got 360 CO₂ caps (for adding fizz to H₂O) today so I'm okay to stay in my flat

@rjl20 but that's +∞% growth, watch out for upcoming months' bills

food (lacto-v) 

food (lacto-v) 

mlc boosts

my local indian / spicing-stuff mart now says on its cybrspot that its doors will stay shut for this covid-19 crisis duration. good for this shop's staff, bad for my masala supply.

Occasionally Photograph Pita 

@allvalidwords i do not know anything about that cock but i do want to know

@phooky i, too, just want to go out for lunch

@kit i think 2021 is your chainsaw-shopping opportunity though!

@a_day_in_dublin 2020's hot fashion is isolation bathing bagslops, how did you know?

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