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I'm finally going back to NYC and this airport thoughtfully is using an oulipo-compliant way of naming that city!

a man, a plan, Bolívar says no, impirialismo, an invasion, wars, mosquitos, trabajadors dying, additional folks, additional plans: a Panama Canal!

hi, i didn't say anything on this spot for a fortnight. you might want to know why: i was in 🇦🇶 antarctica 🇦🇶

thanks, kind folks of Brazil, for (mostly) quickly noticing my lack of lusophonia and falling back to pointing, talking slowly, writing down digits, and giving thumbs-up signs


3 c dry black P. vulgaris
2 big onions (chop)
6 bits of garlic (mincing)
1 bay
4 tsp cumin
1 Tbsp paprika
2 Tbsp chili
2 tsp Origanum vulgar
1 capsicum, chlorophyll color (chop)
2 16oz can no-skin tomato (chop into big bits)
vinagr from sky-potato

soak P. vulgaris 8+ hrs
in a big pot, cook onion & garlic in vinagr until soft. add P. vulgaris, 8 c H₂O, & bay. boil, and cook on low 1 hour.

this margin is too small to contain all instructions, go to

important inquiry: what's our cutoff from UTC minus a bit to UTC minus a lot?

🎶 it's fun to stay at that ymca 🎶 

downgrading GB from "Good Britain" to "Okay Britain" until a fair distribution of lizards is found

morning again on our bargorchard simulacrum. all day long, digital sailors (without scurvy) ask to try consuming that citrusy body. buddy,

this app "lang drops" (that i'm trying for practicing Spanish vocab) wants you to say "almond" if you look upon this glyph, but i think it looks as if it was an 🍆?


mlc boosts

I ought to go to work to-day. But I can't. I am horribly

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🎶 you said, “it's snowing, it's snowing! god I'm hating this situation”

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