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bad man 

fascists, apps 

totally crushing it ("it" is my "Balls" — I'm trying to cram into my 2004 kia optima's driving chair)

ramadan mubarak to folks who honor that holiday

you say tom, i say tom

(photo: Manjith Kainickara on Flickr, CC-BY-ND)

back again at our radioactivity disposal spot. all day long, folks want to know if this is a location of honor that's worth digging in to. but, buddy,

yup, not just anybody's gonna go riding in a bagboat

mlc boosts

folks, is your buddy:

• holding a small glyph
• holding a big glyph
• holding a digit
• holding a punctuation mark

that's not your buddy, that's your password

I'm finally going back to NYC and this airport thoughtfully is using an oulipo-compliant way of naming that city!

a man, a plan, Bolívar says no, impirialismo, an invasion, wars, mosquitos, trabajadors dying, additional folks, additional plans: a Panama Canal!

hi, i didn't say anything on this spot for a fortnight. you might want to know why: i was in 🇦🇶 antarctica 🇦🇶

thanks, kind folks of Brazil, for (mostly) quickly noticing my lack of lusophonia and falling back to pointing, talking slowly, writing down digits, and giving thumbs-up signs


3 c dry black P. vulgaris
2 big onions (chop)
6 bits of garlic (mincing)
1 bay
4 tsp cumin
1 Tbsp paprika
2 Tbsp chili
2 tsp Origanum vulgar
1 capsicum, chlorophyll color (chop)
2 16oz can no-skin tomato (chop into big bits)
vinagr from sky-potato

soak P. vulgaris 8+ hrs
in a big pot, cook onion & garlic in vinagr until soft. add P. vulgaris, 8 c H₂O, & bay. boil, and cook on low 1 hour.

this margin is too small to contain all instructions, go to

important inquiry: what's our cutoff from UTC minus a bit to UTC minus a lot?

🎶 it's fun to stay at that ymca 🎶 

downgrading GB from "Good Britain" to "Okay Britain" until a fair distribution of lizards is found

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