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my gradualist political program for transportation:
1. ban cars from oulipo
2. ban cars from nyc (and sf?)
3. gotta catch 'm all

it contains invalid glyphs, but folks might want to look at this ozymandias × smash mouth mashup

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shout out to this pair of tourists (in I♥️NY shirts) taking gopro “film” of riding on our F train, as though it was a kind of x-gaming sport

oulipo social vs botsin stars is 2019's oulipo social vs dolphin town

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always photograph hummus 

bad man 

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totally crushing it ("it" is my "Balls" — I'm trying to cram into my 2004 kia optima's driving chair)

ramadan mubarak to folks who honor that holiday

you say tom, i say tom

(photo: Manjith Kainickara on Flickr, CC-BY-ND)

back again at our radioactivity disposal spot. all day long, folks want to know if this is a location of honor that's worth digging in to. but, buddy,

yup, not just anybody's gonna go riding in a bagboat

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folks, is your buddy:

• holding a small glyph
• holding a big glyph
• holding a digit
• holding a punctuation mark

that's not your buddy, that's your password

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