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banal (but idk if it's so banal in Our Global Situation); also food 

I bought a SANDWICH today and did a short walk to a PARK in which I could MUNCH ON THIS SANDWICH.


I am not a fan of this daily 7pm shouting and idk if "important working folks" actually want it

food (100% plant) 

i did a try at making a masala dosa. it's… okay.

mlc boosts

|||||||||||||||||||||||||||........... 72%
your Ass - Kicking is now downloading Mutha FUcka
Stupid Ass

things in our world (not still shut) 

you can now go to my local laundromat or my local masala shop again.

maintain social distancing from your backlog of work to do

"A Void" is in today's NYT crossword

always photograph hummus? 

a dark world? try baking a black loaf of pain.

and to you too! (though it's now noon in my tz, sorry for not catching your toot in our A.M.)

idk if i did _that much_ cooking tonight but it was an amount such that i can't put all my pots & pans &c. into my dishwashing apparatus

it's bifortnightly food shopping day today?

I got 360 CO₂ caps (for adding fizz to H₂O) today so I'm okay to stay in my flat

food (lacto-v) 

baking crusty food with dairy and a bit of sichuan chili oil

mlc boosts

my local indian / spicing-stuff mart now says on its cybrspot that its doors will stay shut for this covid-19 crisis duration. good for this shop's staff, bad for my masala supply.

always photograph hummus 

nothing to do today (or tomorrow or…) but cook. my first batch of pita and i think it's not bad!

mlc boosts

🎶 gay compliant hallalujah 🎶 

Now, David plays an unknown chord,
It's said it's for a happy Lord,
But you don't want such music, do you?
It's just this bit: a fourth, a fifth,
A minor fall, a major lift,
A long-lost king composing "Hallalujah"

Hallalujah, Hallalujah…

Your faith was strong, but lacking proof,
You saw him bathing on your roof,
Attraction and his moonlight did it to ya
Roping you to his parlor chair,
No holy stool, nor locks of hair,
And from your lips is drawn a "Hallalujah"

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