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mlc boosts

food (v), taxonomy 

i was gonna put "non-hummus" in my CW, but is sambhar a hummus? it's dal soup. so. i don't know anything.

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food (v) 

vada, sambhar, coconut. south indian morning food but i'm not making all of this in a morning so it's night food today.

bot archival data updating! 

As you might know, @allvalidwords has an archival listing at if you want to know what book a toot is from or similar sorts of info. Now, that spot is split up by month, so you don't load thousands of toots if you don't want to load thousands of toots.

JS coding for this is at if you want.

happy 2nd Christmas Holiday if that's a holiday in your Land (or if it isn't but you want a happy day anyhow)

my pal Stimulator did a vid on how using Mastodon works, if your pals want to find out this info from a guy in a lucha mask.

(cw: vid contains glyphs, cursing)

always photograph hummus (a bit dark) 

it's still 2020 and now it's cold and dark. hummus is not art today. hummus is ground up chana, in a big batch.

but still, our laws command: always photograph.

banalipo, just a bit sad 

I put on all of my wintry coat today. (I didn't do this from March until today). In this coat, i found a 1 dirham coin from Dubai airport. And so I got to think of going out of my city, and how our world was allowing that sort of thing.

body (it's ok) 

i got a flu shot today 💪

mlc boosts

brb gonna go to Nuxalk school so I can put any words I want onto this spot


so sad to know that David G. (author of "Bullshit Jobs" &c.) now isn't with us.

try quashing a billion airs in his honor.

rumors of a missing 3rd hummus photo continuing to haunt oulipo dot social to this day

amtrak pricing is so low now, i should almost go on it

mlc boosts

rumor is that it's post a photo of your rug day on oulipo dot social

i don't _think_ it's now autumn, but it's 4pm and dark outdoors, so…

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