Announcing a Mastodon copy! If you play Magic: a Bringing-In, you can go to for discussion of that. Casual to high-xp, all participants should join. Try out play by post!

Too much boring shit to do today, but for now, my cat is sitting on my torso so it looks that I'm not going to.

Boything and I saw that big hit touring hip-hop musical Hamilton, that's in town for a month and a half or so. It was so good, but hard not to try to hold it up against an original cast soundtrack and nitpick. Still, I'm ultra glad I had that opportunity.

Oulipo is showing a gap in posts, from my last two months ago, right up to this morning. I *know* that posts should fall into that gap. Why no posts, oulipo??

I was away for a long span. I will probably not avoid doing so again. But I can now run a post-alpha build of Tusky, so I might play around a bit. I can do things such as add captions to photos! (ocular contact, blap)

Or it will fail to add a caption. Post-alpha joy!

I'm cutting a pronoun display out of cow skin, to display as Mx or Ms at my whim. My tiny brass pin, though classy af, is just too hard to spy.

Tonight's wind is akin to a furry con, howling non-stop for hours.

Gotta not skip painting my nails for family Thanksgiving shindig in a fortnight. It simply would not do to show up without colors.

I'm trying hard not to fall dormant in my chair at work, but it's tough not to. Aircraft long-ping is hard to fix.

I was out for so long, and I forgot to bookmark oulipo on my laptops for my trip. I'm back now, but work has a lot to catch up on.

Tomorrow I fly to Japan, via car to Canada. So many stops at customs, so much brain twitching, so much to worry about. Argh.


This morning I had hot-light hair zaps. Sadly, it got into my tattoo, and now I sport a class-two burn, not just bald arms that I was hoping for.

Also? It fucking HURT. (Obviously.) And I gotta wait for it to fix, to touch my ink back up.

I want to occasionally/casually play Magic again, but it's so dang costly - both in cash and spoons.

This craving is probably LRR's fault.

(Wording a post for is just too damn fun)


Had curry tonight, so I could find out how to cook in a tight-gas soup-cooking tool. Putting it away, much of it was wrongly put on floor, as plastic tubs turn soft in warm conditions. Oops. My drying cloths now look saffron-tint. (Not actual saffron, similar color though.)


Good to know that I'm not so tipsy that I can't stay within local posting constraints.


Fruit for which That Fruit Company has its brand turns into gooood alcoholic drinks. Had a round of Traitor in Shack on a Mountain. No luck for Crimson Jack - stab with blood sharp thing. Victory!

Post propagation isn't working from my main account on I follow it, but today's posts don't show up.

A notion that I'm in past my skills, having not many compatriots on similar tasks, and too much visibility from a VP.

Tonight, though, across a road to a bar that has only alcohol from fruit.

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