I'm in a high position at work, and so I know that putting pronouns into my sig is important, but also I gotta say it's hard to do if you also don't know what you want.

cat asks, “how do I play guitar? I know it’s around this bit, but...”

I’m binging all MCU flicks in a big batch, b/c Wandavision. I thought Thor: Ragnarok had won my ❤️ but I was wrong; only GotG2 wound up with us crying on our sofa. A good story. “Laughing AND crying” always wins.

I'm that stubborn lass who will drink my java icy-cold during a snowstorm, thank you. Folks who think it's only for hot months, u wrong

why is my cat pawing at mirrors? again?

I don't know why this is fun but it obviously is

It's Shot O'Clock for yours truly tomorrow!

Rough day so I got pizza from CPK waaaaay across town put RIGHT on my PORCH and it's totally just right. I'm not usually a pizza gal but ❤️ wants what it wants

molly boosts

Chooks want you to know that snow is still total bullshit. Sorry about what's about to go down, gals...

my cat crawls and burrows a lot and I find tiny lil husks:

watching a kitty cat bound across a gigantic gap to catch a wiggling toy: A+++ fun for hours

Stocking up on vivid hair colors for upcoming snowstorms. Rainbow hair is a good way to combat cabin-crazy.

actual sad stuff 

I am in a hospital room with a sad kid, which just fuckin sucks. also I am hungry.

"Howdy! Mighty purty chooks ya got! Want a pawpaw sapling?" but I'd risk going on and on about pawpaw pollination (which IS fascinating but...)

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