Last night I wound up doing a bit of backyard marshmallow roasting and now my coat is all wood-smoky (in a good way)🔥🤎

Just sitting around singing a shanty ("Bully Boys") to my cat, how about you?


Also I don't know about you but I'm glad I'm not a kid right now, this shit is confusing as fuck to grow up in

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No brain. No focus. No motivation. Normally my job is BOMB good but not much will allow actual thinking until Thursday (21st). AAAAAAAAGGGHHHHHHH

Has any oulipian on this thing shot for any kind of long-form writing?

First day of school at my job (Monday was, anyway) -- v v busy. Boss asks "how's it going?" and I'm all "Oh, you know, goin' ok! Calm, all good!" but in truth, I could do with forty winks, a midday nap right on top of my to-do list.

Just saw a product I didn't want to: glowing Truck Nuts, but for cycling. No thanks. Color-shifting lighting didn't shift my opinion AT ALL, THANK YOU.

Why did I finish that pastry? I wish I’d only had half. Now I’m full in kind of a yucky way.

Our backyard urban farm has two "buff orpingtons" and I just think that's fantastic fun to say.

I’m just sitting around, watching _Sabrina_ on TV, drinking bourbon, and thinking oulipo thoughts. It’s an odd mood, but kinda chill. (Mark II)

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