oh hi it’s squarch! This pic counts as fixing my backlog.

Got word last night that my dad’s bro is dying. That branch of family is highly Suthuhn Baptist, so it’s a long way in my past tyvm, but I think I’m going to go visit anyway. Gotta do what ya gotta do.




I had hot pot last night and it was so damn good. Sad that it’s my last indoor dining for a bit until this damn world calms down again.

gold sparkly mascara! that’ll fix it right up.

So this is a thing I own now. A toothpick crossbow. Thanks, past-Molly!

Hiya, just got sprung from a stay in hospital for cardiac stuff. No fun. Way too young for this shit.

Prognosis is good! Food is now dull. That's OK, though.

I play with clay a lot as a thinking toy- if my hands stay busy, my brain can too.

oh my gosh I just found out that it’s - how glorious. today, nail polish (top coat)!

I'm in a high position at work, and so I know that putting pronouns into my sig is important, but also I gotta say it's hard to do if you also don't know what you want.

cat asks, “how do I play guitar? I know it’s around this bit, but...”

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