Turbostaat, Matula, Pascow and Rachut’s bands always work. Making ppl sad but in a good way 🖤

Watch how I kill this wholly cool party by filling our playlist with sad punk rock

Drunk music discussions just arnt worth it

My shook milk drink brings all boys to my yard

Although only MY playlists rock, as ppl should know. And I’m not arrogant at all

Party nowadays: just growing Spotify playlists and humans unhappy that „my song won‘t play“, smh

You know who‘s an amazing band? Iron Chic is. Pop punk as it should sound in 2019.
(Also, Farnsworth from Futurama citation)

🎵 An actual human individual, and a total champion 🎵

Kavinsky is a total classic in that kind of Music anyway, but lots to do on Spotify now for that full soundtrack...

Wow that Driving film with Ryan Gosling is v good. Don’t know why I didn’t fully watch it prior, looking at that giant cultural impact it had on artists I‘m admiring. Musically in particular it’s amazing if ur into that synthwavy 80sy outrunny tronica stuff. A+

a quick brown fox jumps across a lazy dog.

or, in d-lang:

franz jagt im taxi, das völlig kaputt ist, schräg durch‘s saarland.

That was my 42nd toot and I didn’t say a significant thing for it. But I still don’t, soooo

Kinda want to do a Vim plugin now that won’t allow you to :w if your data isn’t lipogrammatic-conformant. Had to study Vimscript for that, though...

company, cool: making fantastic lunch on thursdays for all humans working for us, you wanna?

morph, idiot: forgot what day it is, filling stomach with mcdonalds bullcrap

post-biking salad is da bomb, y’all

“You will quit 27 tabs”
Do. Not. Touch. My. TABS

(took that smart „0-tonin“ phrasing from @ojahnn btw)

Last night: ad-hoc first using of my cycling contraption in 2019, might just do it again tonight. Putting a good mood in my brain and all, y‘know. Suck on this, 0-tonin markings

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