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miss, I ain't afraid of dyin', not a bit; only I don't want to

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"La Disparition, a lipogrammatic classic, turns 50 today. You probably know who it’s by; if not, you can look it up to find out why I’m unwilling to say who did it."

This is just to say

I took a plum
from our coldbox

you probably
for morning

it was luscious
so syrupy
and so cold

William Carlos Williams

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I ran into a tourist from an old land,
Who said—"Two vast and untop'd shins of rock
Stand in sand… not far away,
Half sunk a smash-up mask sits;
Its frown and snarl of cold command
Show its sculptor was good at portraying passions
Which stay on in rocky form,
Hand mocking, soul taking;
And on its plinth, this:
I am Ozymandias, King of Kings;
Look on my Works, o Mighty, and cry out!
Nothing past this to find. Round this colossal Carcass, to all horizons
Span flat sands without occupation."

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How do I stand you? I can count my ways.
I stand you for as long and far and high
As I can go. It's thanks to you that I
Can stand a thought of living out my days.

Saw this (photo from Ian McMillan on that avian microblog) and thought of you. Background words compliant too!

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i wanna post dumb toots about folks who smash magnums of vino on just-built boats

shitposting shiptoasting

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Camping holiday in south Cymru with kids. All of postwar social and cultural British history says: LOL RAIN. History is right again.

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i can't fly, or walk on lava, or spit gold, or turn in to a larch, or grow hair on my molars, or turn cars into alligators and birds into candy corn

so many constraints

in truth, living is actual oulipo

"Do this thing not thanks to its simplicity, but thanks to its difficulty" - JFK

Hi all. First try at both Mastodon and oulipo, kindly allow for my unwitting protocol trampling. Thanks!

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@tallbox long ago I ran a program on a dictionary to find which such word was most long. It was a sort of dark wizard who summons spirits from tombs. (Mark II)

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