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I saw a bunch of burgundy-wind blackbirds at lunch today

I miss NYC, and, in particular, my pals living in NYC. But in NYC I was missing San Francisco and my San Francisco pals. Pity poor @mus, who has too many good things.

I am so lucky to work in archiving at a nonprofit library, doing coding

I bought TWO pairs of pants out thrifting with a buddy this sat/sunday! I own so many pants now

I'm about to finish "Traitor Baru Cormorant" and wow is it a lot / brutal. Anybody around also into this book? I'm anxious (or possibly just curious) about how it will finish out

Upgrading today - this instantiation will go down, I'm in contact at

also, Mastodon tooling is not what it was last round of upgrading, so I want to catch up with how prod works nowadays

Hi all, I'm going to push upgrading back to Monday; today has so many disruptions, and I don't want to bail part way through.

how about napstodon

Okay, my local mastodon is up and running, tomorrow morning I'll start upgrading

Things may go wrong, it could go down for a bit, and so on. I'll back up our DB, obviously, but bugs will bug.

@Half_Cup_Baconfroots @phooky @ojahnn @mmns @mxsparks

I'm hoping to start updating this instantiation to Mastodon 2.2.0 tomorrow or Monday.

Anybody got an opinion about this?

dubious vim humor for ALL my social accounts

naturally this is a firm vim + tabs mastadon instantiation

music status: iffy on Scriabin

mus boosts

this is just to say
i'm guarding
that flag
that was built
by b. ross

and which
you probably
to fuck

i sadly also
fuck it