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@lanodan sorry, I know! I'm having hiccups with upgrading to fix that kind of big, but I should try again

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I will, without guilt, shill for writing gigs now as my company cut all us contractors. You hiring in Portland and want Oulipo-compliant manuals or docs? I'm just saying.

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how about this

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my mom would pray at an altar to mithras and my dad, according to rumor, was in fact mithras. i am a minotaur, part man and part bull, and i am calling today to talk to you about your car policy.

I put too much salt in my pink citrus curd trying to diminish its sharp sour flavor: sad

toast with citrus curd: good

this Toast flashback day is just too poignant 😱 🍞 😍

@ojahnn I want to go to that school 😮

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"Doctor Who is a woman now" is both fantastic tidings *and* lipogrammatical.

baking status: mini spanish tarts with zucchini, tomato, and onion #banalipo

status: I miss you, warm challah roll

@phooky @mona just thinking about that musical drama I'm choking up

status: consuming too much challah #banalipo

I am SO into SF's botanical park

@phooky yup that's what audio I got in my flat

but I got loads of (fun and promising) plans for my days off so probably not gonna find that this fortnight or so

I just want to dig back into occult books all day without having to do daily living stuff

my PO box is such a joy

@ranjit woah! I found that.... highly soothing