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sorry for slow loading and tooting! a birdland bot got running without my knowing and was monopolizing all our RAM. Things should zip back up to normal shortly

@bnwlfsn @mlc I think it was a stray birdland bot that got running without my knowing, things should work soon

@mattlatailor it did, I got back without any fuss

Got a flat bicycling back from work today 😬

I'm hoping this bus has a rack...

@d6 @ranjit probably a link back? I don't know

@cm I'm dying now you did this

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🎶 @mus built this city, @mus built this city on lipograms / built this city, @mus built this city on LIP-O-GRAAAAMS 🎶

@dhgwilliam that's so kind! I think I'm at capacity for this trip right now

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fastidious programming is joyful programming

@mlc yup I am... not happy about this

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I did a thing, from @lagomorph's toot, to shrink URLs without any possibility of bad glyphs!

Visit it:

I was taking Amtrak to Portland for csv conf but I got a call last night that Amtrak actually isn't going to run that train so... I'm hoping flights don't cost too much to book with just four days warning?

Playing basic Mozart this morning, piano is hard

@HappyHorseSkull that'd grant it a nasty twist

@tripofmice @Thiago actually, if your bio won't work, I think I know why and can fix it tomorrow