always a good sign if Whitman is posting about blood

And you local spots, and you airs that swim mirroring
his actions, round and round, I groan. It is too much... My body

mus boosts

brb, thinking through how to bring a plan to fruition: chardigan (a chard cardigan)

skating ๐Ÿ‘ for ๐Ÿ‘ chard

what about chard skating on its own

not half as good at oulipo as I was at 27 tho, broadly

my growth from 27 to 29: thought of using "dismiss"

WAIT I GOT IT, it should say "Dismiss notifications" not "Turn off"

thanks, @mus of so many months ago who didn't think of this

mus boosts


Subaru Outback
A crypt of human skulls


honk this way if you can STOMACH it, @2003SubaruOutback :fisticuffs:

it's following us, find out chainsaw STAT

mus boosts

calculating jargon ratios in my work's communication, found a high with a 30.3% jargon paragraph

is camp down or is it just glitching on my laptop?

mus boosts

all day i work at our Dolphin Town War Historical Park, and folks can't stop asking how i got an account on oulipo dot social. buddy,

and I got a promising start on a forthcoming stitch thing

I did a talisman from a 1577 occult manuscript that's an anti-adoration charm ๐Ÿ’”

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