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mus @mus

@mmn yup, but links can contain that symbol on this instantiation

@mmn it's hard to avoid! I would mistakingly find it in my posts but for this Mastodon's configuration that computationally bans it

just an hour into this work day apart from that fuzzy kitty

mus boosts

and i know about arms, you know, i know it all -
arms without adorning things, pallid but fair
(but in lamplight, downy with light brown hair!)
is a fragrant frock
why i simply cannot talk?
arms that fold upon a lap, or wrap around a shawl.
and should i think about my doom?
and how it is within?

@nv awww.

oh that I could walk my cat!

@ranjit @ojahnn that nap did launch a thousand ships

nap today! nap tomorrow!

@phooky yup my rotting body was in that bloom

aaaaaamorphophallus titanuuuuuuuummmmmm!

mus boosts

so i found a slot on my macbook that looks as if it is for punch cards but it isn't working. do you all know what i ought to do?

@ranjit a risk I should probably incur

I am consuming so much pastry right now; it is good and I am full


mus boosts