you: old shit ain't funny now, particularly if it wasn't funny back in old days

I: ozymandias! amontillado! plato! ouroboros!

ugh, I’m drinking too small a quantity of soup ... should go back to having a flask of it on my nightstand

Sing now, O goddx, of fury doom’d and ruinous Show additional

Sing now, O goddx, of fury doom’d and ruinous Show additional

Sing now, O goddx, of fury doom’d and ruinous Show additional

Think of a world, a world akin to your own. But a world in which your writing’s most-common glyph is missing. Not just taboo, mind you — in this domain, it simply has no glyph-hood at all.

Nightmarish, you say? No. Only ... [dramatic zoom] ... a Twilight Oulipo.

[scary music] [cut to logo]

Now, Sandwich! Now, Taco!
Now Dumpling and Pizza!
On, Flapjack! On, Fishstick!
On, Sushi and Soba!
From Compass to Aramark
Shamrock to Sysco
Don your buffalo wings
And fry us in Crisco!!

I might publish my first two works as Clara in 2019, just as I finish my M.S. (which I think I ought to start calling my Ms. ...)

Work #1 is forthcoming in a random no-impact journal of Jungian psychology, lambasting it for publishing transphobic propaganda, but work #2 would actually fall within my major — my fast-math-circuits prof this fall said my classwork was so good that I should submit it to a conf!

old: boy parts / girl parts

bold: Sims 4 options (can hatch a baby / can input a baby for hatching / cannot hatch or input)

gold: mind-collapsing horrors from many fathoms of unknown Void

Hoping you'll find your way out of valid formal words.

a bit racy Show additional

trans doctor stuff (non gross) Show additional

tooth doctor stuff (non gross) Show additional

finding out that ojahnn_dbooks is so good should not shock: having total command of linguistic algorithms is @ojahnn's carb & curd

happy trans things Show additional

happy trans things Show additional

when a techbro condescends to me and is a jerk that's poor interpersonal skills

when a young transbian replies to my selfies with uncomfortable comments or unsolicited flirting (a reason i stopped posting selfies) that's poor interpersonal skills

when every joke i make gets 10 people taking it completely seriously or explaining the joke at me

and honestly people getting mad that i talk about politics under a CW because it's "clutter"

it's all interpersonal skills

mh (~), pooptooting Show additional

FOLKS WITH BIRDWORLD ACCOUNTS: you turn off anybody who actually wants anything to do with your product
BIRDWORLD: favs is now florps
BIRDWORLD: toot history is horizontal

Show additional (Mark II) is a lipogrammatic Mastodon for all.
Ambigram by B. Morin, CC BY-SA 4.0