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Toot with a pin

a thought, a fright, a plan, a bit of crying, a ton of support, a you-phoria, a woman: Clara.

Oof. I’m almost in a soupy-visag’d mood. And not just b/c I’m all out of my ADHD pills for a fortnight now, thanks to my crappy pharmacy.

a computational graph’s gloss of MAN: a small unhappy bunch of untold things

What you do to birdworld bitcoin bros.

@dracula - “got my polyglot dictionary from my bag and”
@waltwhitman - “Nor land, nor man or woman, without”
@fifty_shads - “pistol at my waist, digging into my back. Who would”

look, not *all* of us U.S.ians constantly go around carrying small arms

Mmmm, just having a cozy Caturday morning at Schloss Sparks, with a hot mug of go-fast soup in hand

talking smack about a non-living guy 

Oh no, why am I *still up* as our GMT +/- not-a-lot crowd starts scrolling across oulipo’s TL?

Looks as if my ol’ brainpain is acting up again. Good timing, too, first month of my job. Sigh.

Nothing to do for it but put down my iPad and shut my i’s, though. I’ll go do that now.


and I’m touching his abs, now
Christian pulls off my shirt, now
I want to go

I just can’t look, it’s killing us
And taking control

blah: not today, satan
huzzah: TODAY, satan, c’mon I’m WAITING

That said, I do *not* wish I had stay’d in. My goal was always to land a job at [Fruit Computing, Inc.], and so I did 😊

Ah good, my pub got into an upcoming conf, so not only will I publish on my actual topic of study (my pub about transphobic moms&dads is still forthcoming), but I just found out my advisor’s Airdash count is 3

I think I got as much bang for my grad school buck as I possibly could in just two anni 😂

suck it, Ray Blanchard—posting raunchy autophotography (with full topic warnings, naturally) is a radical act iff it assists you with inhabiting your body from day to day

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