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mx. sparks (not a "sir") @mxsparks

@ojahnn black-on-black-on-black might risk looking gothic and not as witchy -- I'd cast my ballot for ugly astroturf color

What I'm struggling with at school today:

"Is my program truly _that_ buggy, or did I just put a fault in my validation program?"

My solution:

"I should add a bunch of validation-validation on top of my validation."

I just hit "Transmit" [hahaha] on my coming-out post for Mom and Dad. Now to sign out of Gmail until morning...

Tomorrow I'll mail almost 800 words to my Mom and Dad, mostly talking about how I'm not cis. (Hooray!)

I'm so lucky I can talk to my family about this topic comfortably and unafraid, but my hands still start shaking if I think about it too long...

Howdy, world! This is an alt account for @mxsparks -- I'm just having a bit of fun honing my wordsmithing skills.

Ooh, I spy a familiar nick or two in our "Community activity!"