Toot with a pin

body stuff (+, off-color) 

Toot with a pin

a thought, a fright, a plan, a bit of crying, a ton of support, a you-phoria, a woman: Clara.

I took a quick & lazy photo of yours truly, as my last autopic post was far too long ago...

(cw: I’m looking right at you)

@tully I was also taught that making a lot of typos is a sign of not having brilliant things to say anyway. I do think it's an unfair stigma, but it's so far up our brains that it's difficult to drop it.

Ironic typo-ing is a byproduct: I *could* do it right, but I'm *choosing* not to, for fun. Hilarious occasionally, but usually not a good show of class solidarity.

spicy opinion: “oulipruary” sounds as if I’m writing about this instantiation shuffling off its mortal coil

AWWW SHIT did I not post my visuals for that talk I did last fall about Oulipo Dot Social???? this is a link to my pdf ->

hmmm I should go to work
but am too cozy to stand up
but but I also want food & h2o, which I would stand up for anyway
but but but: C O Z Y (pulls up 11kg quilt)

I’m constantly thirsty, and my hands and lips and nostrils all just want to dry up and blow away

Forgot that “too warm indoors (73F/23C), and 0% humidity” was a thing in lands with actually-cold Cold Months

How much hydrating can I *do* in a day?

It’s a good and calm day in town, and you, a bad bad BAD swan, shall spoil it

important anti-spying tip: always put a post-it on top of your laptop’s @autojahnn if not using it

a computational graph's gloss of GROUND 

Oof. I’m almost in a soupy-visag’d mood. And not just b/c I’m all out of my ADHD pills for a fortnight now, thanks to my crappy pharmacy.

a computational graph’s gloss of MAN: a small unhappy bunch of untold things

What you do to birdworld bitcoin bros.

@dracula - “got my polyglot dictionary from my bag and”
@waltwhitman - “Nor land, nor man or woman, without”
@fifty_shads - “pistol at my waist, digging into my back. Who would”

look, not *all* of us U.S.ians constantly go around carrying small arms

Mmmm, just having a cozy Caturday morning at Schloss Sparks, with a hot mug of go-fast soup in hand

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