Toot with a pin

body stuff (+, off-color) 

… only 90s kids will know why saying “TrackPoint” is off-color

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Toot with a pin

a thought, a fright, a plan, a bit of crying, a ton of support, a you-phoria, a woman: Clara.

sorry Instagram ads, I’m not looking for an STP right now. points for trying though

@magsalin (boosting for oulipo)

Prison abolition — socialist prisons too.
Cop abolition — socialist cops too, including NPA/BHB.

ffxiv (ShB lvl 72 MSQ), grooming??? 

omg Thancrid you can’t just not talk to this CHILD, your WARD, about that — it’s making it AWKWARD for us, having to ask you “how much of this is b/c this kid has your GF’s looks?”

so knock it off, ok?

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ffxiv (ShB lvl 71 MSQ) 

hmmmm. is it significant that “Crystal _xarch” is an anagram of “Ctrl-C S_xy Raha????”

just gotta play on & find out

tfw you put out your hand and your cat shows you it has an auto-booping snoot :3

mh ~, trauma?? 

digging back into my childhood in my mind, to craft it into a full part of my Story about who I am: “oh wow I put so much work into guarding this — I think it’s a spot of honor with all kinds of loot in it”

writing a dating ad that starts with “t4t only, I’m not your argonaut”

hm… thinking I might-should start a static for Coils of Bahamut blind prog

clara: aw, I’m sad that romancing Aym’ric isn’t an option
DrSparks: is romancing *any* NPC an option in ffxiv?
clara: no
DrSparks: …
clara: … this is what fanfic is for, isn’t it

having an organism is not as satisfying as I was hoping

joking about a trans slur (silly), poky mans 

brb having a vaginoplasty so I can turn into a

PP-0 trap

ugh, bad brain day... fortnight... month.

pdoc says "try adding, subtracting, and/or adjusting your pills. and how's your food, napping, and moving-your-body habits?"

wanna find a shrink again, but ughhh that's too much work for too long odds of building a Good rapport

my phon is just a box for distilling all my pals' joys and sorrows into my own brain

mostly sorrows right now. but. dawn is coming 🧡

🥳 Io Saturnalia! 🥳

PSA: Do your “rituals” tonight — it’s important for bringing back our sun

“Cry for Opal” is writ in honor of Opal Discordia Sparks, a floofy (autocarrot says “gloomy,” which, also yup) kitty whom NOT a fan of our habit of hiding away all night

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🎶 long black cat
morning yowl
I’m still sad
so gib pat no-o-ow 🎶

psychology: “dispositional attribution” is a bad thing
psychiatry: ugh this pt has an Axis II Dx, no thank you

ffxiv (StB), uhhhhh 

ok ok I’ll do it … but only if I can summon and fight Christus in ShB

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