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body stuff (+, off-color) 

… only 90s kids will know why saying “TrackPoint” is off-color

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a thought, a fright, a plan, a bit of crying, a ton of support, a you-phoria, a woman: Clara.

about-drama origin 

today, odd.dirt admins opting to cut communication links with installations monads.www,, and ⬛l⬛, bc of shitposting/dogpiling POC accounts off-installation. that's all

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good morrow at oulio!
mark that it has no 'p' in it -
sustain this, if you will

idk if it’s my switch in brain-pills, or missing UU church last night, or what, but this is my first Christmas in a bit without my usual “anno domini 20xx and STILL no pax mundi 😭😭😭” mood

which is … good <3

psa: do not stop drinking lots of soup just b/c it’s not hot out, or just b/c you don’t want to stand up from your cozy spot and fill your glass or flask again

compliant counting 

- nil
- unity
- two
- half-again two
- four
- halfway from four to six
- six
- succ(six)
- two fours
- half-again six
- two-and-a-half fours

@joshly @phooky @digitalthan @mxsparks @GLOSSATORY No, that's a narfologist. A torphologist is known for scholarship about Tim Conway's funny golf films.

@phooky @ranjit @digitalthan @mxsparks @GLOSSATORY No, that's a wharfologist. A torphologist is a scholar of onomatopoic sounds which Brain's pal Pinky shouts, such as "Zort!" and "Poit!"

@ranjit @digitalthan @joshly @mxsparks @GLOSSATORY no, that's a Worfologist. A torphologist is paid to study sturdy wood constructions for lashing ships to

@digitalthan @joshly @mxsparks @GLOSSATORY no, that's a a corfologist. A torphologist looks at vocations of Klingons in a starship command consisting mostly of humans.

@ranjit @joshly @mxsparks @GLOSSATORY no, that's a dwarfologist. a torphologist only looks at animals and plants on a solitary island, off albania's ionian coast.

@digitalthan @joshly @mxsparks @GLOSSATORY no, that's a morphologist. a torphologist is studying how animals and plants in isolation on small islands oft grow small

@joshly @mxsparks @GLOSSATORY no, that's a tarpologist. a torphologist is a biologist who looks at how animals and such lay out body plans.

@digitalthan @mxsparks @GLOSSATORY no, that's a topologist, a torphologist is a handy folk you can pay to rig up a canvas so your stuff stays dry

@mxsparks @GLOSSATORY no, that's a torpologist. a torphologist is studying how things go (or don't) if you start wobbling manifolds continuously from various starting configurations into goal configurations (without adding kinks).

@GLOSSATORY no, that’s a tautologist. a torphologist is studying how lizards nap if it’s cold out

a computational graph's gloss of SPOKAY 

SPOKAY: a strong distancant (as a woman's word or plant or a complication) that is subjoint

a computational graph's gloss of ANALYSIS 

ANALYSIS: things distinct from a computation

huffff~ 😳😳😳

but it is a good part of autumn to start flying south in, not in that way (but also in that way)

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