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mx. sparks (lipogrammatic)

when a techbro condescends to me and is a jerk that's poor interpersonal skills

when a young transbian replies to my selfies with uncomfortable comments or unsolicited flirting (a reason i stopped posting selfies) that's poor interpersonal skills

when every joke i make gets 10 people taking it completely seriously or explaining the joke at me

and honestly people getting mad that i talk about politics under a CW because it's "clutter"

it's all interpersonal skills

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FOLKS WITH BIRDWORLD ACCOUNTS: you turn off anybody who actually wants anything to do with your product
BIRDWORLD: favs is now florps
BIRDWORLD: toot history is horizontal

Old maymays, ouliporously:

I'm a Liz ban --
a lass bab --
a loss by --
"It's okay, no rush ..."

You r nonbinary or not fully or always or at all a woman or man? You don't mind counting or statistics occurring with you? Fill this in:

Thoughts from this morning's standing bath: I wish I could pull off a "tomboy/soft butch" kind of look without worrying about coming across as "cis dad still trying to look young and cool."

... What if I *can* pull off such a look? :D

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Good morning (if it's still morning for you)! Going forward, I'll try not to stay away from this spot for almost four months again. Sorry about that.

My ratio of good brain days to bad is still improving. Not only that, I'm finally starting girl pills soon (notwithstanding which, I'm still (probably (mostly)) not "A Girl") -- in a fortnight at most, but just four days if I'm lucky! That thought is as joyous as it is scary...

How is your day looking so far?

birdworld info flash: am finally muting this guy who always says things I don't find in any way fruitful or fun. His tooting isn't harmful, but also I don't think it's my duty to look at all this boring crap

What I'm struggling with at school today:

"Is my program truly _that_ buggy, or did I just put a fault in my validation program?"

My solution:

"I should add a bunch of validation-validation on top of my validation."

I just hit "Transmit" [hahaha] on my coming-out post for Mom and Dad. Now to sign out of Gmail until morning...

Tomorrow I'll mail almost 800 words to my Mom and Dad, mostly talking about how I'm not cis. (Hooray!)

I'm so lucky I can talk to my family about this topic comfortably and unafraid, but my hands still start shaking if I think about it too long...

Howdy, world! This is an alt account for @mxsparks -- I'm just having a bit of fun honing my wordsmithing skills.

Ooh, I spy a familiar nick or two in our "Community activity!"