body stuff (+, off-color) 

so I’m figuring out ways of thinking about my body, and it's taking my brain down an odd path with naming-of-parts. not a *bad* path, mind you, but… odd.

mostly whilst doing NSFW stuff: do I call it my [Richard]? my [TrackPoint]?? what do I *want* it to signify???

but I think it’s… both, tbh, as with that old b&w drawing of a duck-rabbit: so what if I top with my [barn fowl] on Friday, but hold a wand against my [rowing man] on Monday? I am multitudinous!

💜♡💚 ➕ 💛♡💜🖤


body stuff (+, off-color) 

… only 90s kids will know why saying “TrackPoint” is off-color

body stuff (+, off-color) 

@mxsparks ok now turn it around to why touchpads signify humanity's doom

not body stuff, not off-color (?) 

@standsinshock not to start fangirling and/or shilling, but Fruit Inc. (and *only* Fruit Inc.) touchpads pass my standards for usability

I do occasionally miss my old giant billiard-width trackball, though

not body stuff, not off-color (?) 

@standsinshock ... or did I miss your point? :p

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