ran it past the husband that I'm going to publicly come out as queer on Monday.

bc like.

literally everyone knows except my family, and since I've been disowned, well...

homophobia? I guess? ugh. 

"ran it past" implies that I wanted or needed him to sign off on it, but nah.

I'm not closeted about it, I'm open about having dated people-who-are-not-men in the past, but, like.


when I was like...seventeen...my mom made it really clear that if I ever came out to her as queer she would disown me. like straight-up, "you're not my kid anymore" disowning.

anyway I'm 33 now and hey, already disowned!

homophobia? I guess? ugh. 

the really funny part is that at that juncture in time I would have said that I was straight.

bc I hadn't been attracted to, like.


let alone anyone that wasn't a dude!

and then I inconveniently went ahead and developed huge unrequited feelings for my female best friend. whoops.


homophobia? ? ugh. 

@hafnia I’m sorry for your loss :-(

homophobia? ? ugh. 

@hafnia oh! I’m sorry for your MOM’s loss

homophobia? ? ugh. 

@mxsparks she's told me at multiple points that she wishes I'd never been born, so I mean, I think we're both gonna be happier if I stay disowned.

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