i don't really actively think about growing up poor but then sometimes i realize it's probably not super common to have to wear the same 4 shirts from 7th to 11th grade and walk 4 miles a day in below-zero weather because you can afford exactly 15 bus tokens a month to get to and from school

god other high school kids had like beds and privacy and stuff and didn't have to sleep on a camp cot in the hallway behind a 1-room studio apartment, what's that even like

i learned to draw on a 10" 1.2Ghz netbook and a 5" graphire tablet and that $200 setup was the only thing i owned that made it to three digits

i have no idea how i made it into art school

this would probably be an incredibly inspiring story of perseverance in the face of hardship if i came out of it actually being good at art

it's really weird to think about the fact that i literally never slept in a bed until like age 20

you ever grow up so poor you fill out the fafsa, and have to call them back on the first day of college like "are you sure you didn't add a zero, i think i can actually afford food with this"

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