nondysphoric trans experience 

my poor donorboy/unofficial bf

for years we’ve known he’s some flavor of nonbinary and he’s said in passing he wants to dress more feminine sometimes but he never actually does so

he plays it off casual but it always feels like he deeply, deeply does want to experiment

so we got to talking and (Cont)

nondysphoric trans experience 

turns out this whole time he’s just avoided it because he didn’t want to be offensive??? he felt like, since he’s not dysphoric and can get by just fine never addressing it he didn’t DESERVE to play with presentation???? and that since he’s petite and white it would be like spitting in the face of girls who risk death transitioning?

honey… baby, sweetie ;_;

nondysphoric trans experience 

so I, trying to soothe his fears, I explained that actually, since he is safer, openly and proudly existing helps saturate the public experience with gender variance, the more of us are out and visible the less the shock factor is and the safer more at-risk people are. it’s definitely partially a numbers game!

this worked and soon we’re gonna play dress up >:] he’s sooo cute y’all ain’t even ready


nondysphoric trans stuff 

@hammerhead aww, hun 😭😍😢

glad you had that talk with him

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