@alexisvl I call this “v-diffing” and did it a lot with PDFs of drawings in a past job!

nondysphoric trans stuff 

@hammerhead aww, hun 😭😍😢

glad you had that talk with him


@hafnia I’m assuming this guy did not start out in that pair of boots …

do y’all run into folks you know in public and almost say hi, but … wait, that’s not you, you don’t hang around on this coast?

bc it’s a thing I’m having a lot nowadays. don’t know if it’s masks, or just going out in public again, or just missing my 🖥 pals

anyway. lmk if you run into yours-truly in Not Boston

raunchy topic but not racy post 

@hafnia omg don’t just withhold that from him! blow his mind

homophobia? ? ugh. 

@hafnia oh! I’m sorry for your MOM’s loss

homophobia? ? ugh. 

@hafnia I’m sorry for your loss :-(

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