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Oh god, talk about toxic masculinity.
Akhill’us’ ruinous tantrum cost so much:
Loss upon Akhaian loss in our long fight,
So many warriors turn’d into spooky ghosts,
A carrion glut for mangy dogs and birds;
All as our bastard God of gods was laughing.

numb. I want to curl up in a ball and withdraw. I blink, trying to
hold back my

a guy from our Haifa shop is inviting us and our California folks for a chat at 5pm today ... aka his local midnight


today’s status: not a big bad, as Monday was. I got additional Z’s and only a small automisia — didn’t finish a ton of work, but (shrugs) it’s a global crisis, don’tcha know


Oh Sariputra, form is nothing but bullshit and bullshit is nothing but form; form is just bullshit, and bullshit is just form; ditto for good/bad stimuli, discrimination,
volition, and qualia.

Bullshit of bullshit, says my instructor,
Bullshit of bullshit! It's all bullshit.

I saw all things that you or I or anybody can do in this world, and it was all bullshit and a chasing of wind.

... huh. possibly non-oulipo-compliant in *any* languish that it's famous in

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"distanciation" is a not-as-common synonym for what folks usually call it, which is not oulipo-compliant and also (IMHO) too hard not to mix up with a condition that Karl M. and Max W. talk about a lot

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a thing I'm noticing:
- anglophonic folks: "social distancing"
- doitscho-, franco-, italo-, usw.-phonic folks, in Anguish: "social distanciation"

and I think of "distanciation" in Anguish mostly as a bit of drama jargon for stopping you from just *watching* a show / assuming its world's constraints, and forcing a kind of conscious criticism (as Mr. $0.03-Play famously did)

which is ... also a good plan for handling this bug's social disruptions, tbh

doctor, what can you do about my human condition? it hurts so much

... Paglia-who? c’mon doc, quit clowning

a computational graph's gloss of POT 

@GLOSSATORY microchoicin is unlawful in 47 jurisdictions but you can still buy it from Vanuatu

I took a quick & lazy photo of yours truly, as my last autopic post was far too long ago...

(cw: I’m looking right at you)

@tully I was also taught that making a lot of typos is a sign of not having brilliant things to say anyway. I do think it's an unfair stigma, but it's so far up our brains that it's difficult to drop it.

Ironic typo-ing is a byproduct: I *could* do it right, but I'm *choosing* not to, for fun. Hilarious occasionally, but usually not a good show of class solidarity.

spicy opinion: “oulipruary” sounds as if I’m writing about this instantiation shuffling off its mortal coil

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