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int main() {
float x, y, z;
for (x=0, y=1, z=y; x<y; y+=z);
printf("%f\n", x);

today in “Clara picks an imaginary fight that nobody is having:”

if Rufus X. Sarsaparilla is a major part of your trans-101 syllabus, your approach is bad and you should try again

kitty go "mrow"
kitty climb you & you go "ow"
but most importantly...
kitty want pats right NOW

thanks brain >:o 

it’s 3:46am. why am I conscious right now


and by “my” I imply “Xilinx’s,” naturally

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ffxiv (ARR → HW) 

srsly, out of all Scions, why couldn't Alphinaud do a Butch Cassidy act of his own, saving a not-so-annoying pal or two?

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ffxiv (ARR → HW) 

it's a dark, dark night for my Warrior of Light 💔 almost all is lost, i had to watch too many good folks dying just to aid my running away, it's hardly a triumphal march into Ishgard

... and on top of that, Alphinaud is playing a Danish king's son about it all.

just an ordinary day working as a gostak. folks always coming in wanting to distim my dosh. buddy,

ffxiv (ARR patch 2.5) 

too bad about that fridging though :-/ why you gotta kill off my GF?

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ffxiv (ARR patch 2.5) 

🪔 gigantic cosmic might …

… itty-bitty living room!

mh? probably a subtoot 

and I’m not trying to hand us a pass for not trying hard to do what’s right! I just know why and how a lot of us got this way, and how long it stays with us

and it’s important to think of it as a known bias in our moral judging, and try to adjust for it (as you do with any bias that you know about)

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mh? probably a subtoot 

all I want for my pals and I is for our Part Of Us That’s Busy Hating Us to … not do as much of that. not for it to Go Away or anything (that wouldn’t work), just to chill out a bit

b/c it talks with such an air of Brutal Wisdom, grabbing onto our moral truth and twisting it into “I do too much harm and should just Go Away” — which is not wisdom, only brutality


don't claim to know an amino
if you don't also own its mRNA


whoa, why do Aym’ric’s (and Alphinaud’s, kind of) VAs turn surprisingly *good* in this duty? this is not in continuity with ARR up to now ….

WKRP in Old Gridania: “istg, I thought chocobos could fly!”

istg, my angry disgust for capitalism (and my industry) is outpacing my *own* auto-loathing

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